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Startling Shampoo

One of the little small yet important elements of a hotel experience rarely described by travel writers is the shampoo. Yes, the scenery and the local museums are a hoot, but an exploration of a new place often begins with a shower, and the contents of the little bottles left next to the bathroom mirror.

This evening in my hotel, for example, I used a dab of L’Occitane shampoo that is labelled as en provence. I expected lavender, but was surprised to discover that the shampoo smells like nothing so much as Play-Doh.

What irregular adventures in my present journey could this omen fortell?

1 comment to Startling Shampoo

  • Scott

    On the ingredients of shampoo, lots of manufacturers used to list “aqua”–it’s water, but it sounds fancier.
    I’ve noticed that quite a few brands now list water as an ingredient, but as a service to the snapperheads who don’t know what water is, they clarify by adding “aqua” in paranthesses.
    Just an observation.

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