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Time To Spread The Word About Unity08

After I posted my latest questions to Unity08 early this morning, two members of Unity08 asked me to leave. One of them charmingly asserted (without documentation since it is wholly untrue) that “Jim Cook works for a LOBBYIST group.” Another, who had previously asked me to stop asking questions and somehow had administrator’s privileges at Unity, wrote:

Why not just go away? I understand you want answers Jim, but you aren’t getting them. So why not just conclude that they are not coming and go away? You are messing up my Unity08 experience with all your posts.

Yes, I can see that I have harshed on their mellow long enough. It is time to stop expecting Unity08 to answer my 21 detailed questions. It is time to move on. It is time to send these questions on to places where more people can see the questions, and on to people who are better at getting answers than I am.

In case Unity08 decides to delete my questions, I have posted them here. I have also written a condensed version of these questions, winnowed down to ten, that are suitable to be sent to members of the mainstream media, members of the alternative media, blogs, discussion boards and whatever other places you can think of.

You have my explicit permission to send the following on to whatever places you see fit, so long as you do not accompany this information with unsubstantiated claims or with threats against Unity08 (the people who run Unity08 are well-connected, wealthy, and well-endowed with lawyers — and I don’t think any of us can say the same for ourselves).

If you would, I’d appreciate it if you would post a comment here indicating where you have submitted the information to, so that we do not engage in redundant efforts.

Here they are:

— February 1, 2007
— Contact: Jim Cook (

Unity08 (on the web at is a non-profit corporation that says it is “grassroots” and a “people’s movement” to nominate its own candidates for president and vice president of the United States of America. As Unity08 puts it at

“Unity08 intends to fix this broken system by electing a bipartisan “Unity Ticket” to the White House in ‘08 funded solely by small-dollar donations from everyday Americans. As a result the Unity08 President and Vice President will enter office not with favors owed to lobbyists and special interests but with a clear mandate from the American people to cooperate and provide courageous leadership on the most crucial, complex issues facing our country.”

Unity 08 is becoming a hot topic as it continues to refuse to answer questions regarding its conduct. The most central of these questions are listed below. See for complete documentation of the information contained within these questions.

1. Unity08 has in multiple places indicated that it is committed to funding solely by small-dollar donations of no more than $5,000 (see above). Yet its 4th Quarter 2006 report to the IRS shows a contribution of $23,545, with the contributor’s name “Withheld.”

Also in its lawsuit filed against the Federal Election Commission (which you may read for yourself at on January 10, 2007 in DC District Court, Unity08 specifically requests exemption from any “obligation to register with the FEC, report its receipts or expenditures, or limit the amount of donations that it receives from contributors or the amount that it expends.” Unity08 also states in the lawsuit that “it should accept donations from individuals, which may be in the form of loans, without limitation as to the amount.” Unity08 further states in its lawsuit that were it able to be freed of FEC regulation, “Unity08 would seek and receive much larger donations and loans from willing contributors.”

What explains this discrepancy?

2. In seeking an official Advisory Opinion on its correct designation as an organization (527 vs. PAC), Unity08 specifically stated that “The FEC will determine whether or not we are a political committee for FEC purposes. Obviously we will follow their opinion.” On another page, Unity08 posed and answered its own question: “Would you and your candidates have to abide by FEC regulations? Of course.” Yet when the FEC’s advisory opinion was issued, informing Unity08 of the need to register as a PAC within 10 days, Unity08 ignored it for two months, and then filed a lawsuit against the FEC. (See and

What explains this course of conduct?

3. In the summer of 2006, Unity08 pledged to update its financial disclosures twice a month. It broke this pledge. In the fall of 2006, Unity08 pledged to update its financial disclosures once a month. It also broke this pledge. On January 5, 2007, it pledged to update its list of donors on the webpage on January 31, 2007. It broke this pledge as well.

What explains this behavior?

4. On the main page of the Unity08 website, the organization asserts in boldface that “Unlike the other parties we don’t have lobbyists bankrolling our work.”

Yet Carolyn Tieger is co-chair of the Unity08 Rules Committee. Thomas C. Collier is the other co-chair of the Unity08 Rules Committee. Sayuri Yamada Matthews is a member of the Unity08 Rules Committee. Tieger is a leader of Porter Novelli, a registered lobbying firm. Collier and Yamada Matthews are registered lobbyists. In the lawsuit against the FEC, Tieger and Collier claim as plaintiffs that they have contributed money to Unity08 and would like to contribute “substantially more.”

How do these facts square with Unity08’s repeated vows to end the influence of lobbyists in politics?

5. Unity08 has strongly promoted its Clean Money Pledge. It challenges members of the public to sign on to a statement in which they commit to the following plan of action: “I will only vote for a presidential candidate who has raised more than half of his/her funds through small contributions of $250 or less.” It further sent out letters to presidential candidates in the Republican and Democratic parties, challenging them to commit to take a majority of their funds from donations of $250 or less.

Yet only 0.35% of the $306,920 in Unity08’s 4th quarter donations reported to the IRS came from donations of $250 or less.

6. Unity08’s 2nd quarter statement lists $18,700 (a significant portion of all donations) as having been made in the year 2002. How does this mesh with the description of Unity08 in its May 30, 2006 press release as a “new grassroots organization” that has been “building for months,” not years?

7. In its 4th Quarter 2006 report to the IRS Unity08 lists nine contribtors, seven recipients of expenditures, and Unity08 itself are listed as having the same business address. How is this possible?

8. Unity08 claimed on that its Unity Petition effort “is entirely volunteer, from top to bottom.” Yet its 4th Quarter Report to the IRS (see shows payments of $1700 for “Unity Petition Outreach.”

9. During the year of 2006, public relations professional Anya T. Harris referred to herself in a number of places on and off the Unity08 website as “Chief Operating Officer of Unity08”. During the same year, Steptoe and Johnson lawyer Thomas C. Collier referred to himself on the Unity08 website and in a lawsuit against the FEC (see for the filing) as the chief lawyer for Unity08. Yet there is no mention in the 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, or 4th quarter reports to the IRS (at least those available to the public as of 2/1/07) of Anya Harris or Tom Collier receiving compensation. What explains this discrepancy? How are Collier and Harris being compensated for their considerable services to Unity08?

10. Unity08 has commissioned a national poll with Princeton Survey Research (see Such polls are expensive. Yet there is no report of any payment to Princeton Survey Research for this poll.

Unity 08 refers to itself as a “grassroots organization” and a “people’s movement.” A grassroots organization responds to the grassroots. A people’s movement responds to the people within it. Let’s see whether Unity08 answers these questions — or continues to ignore them.

Unity 08 has had its first, second, third, and fourth chances to answer these questions on its own website. It’s time to spread the word to people who will help obtain answers. I’d really appreciate your help.

49 thoughts on “Time To Spread The Word About Unity08”

  1. Jim says:

    I have posted the 10 questions as a Technorati “WTF” post on Unity08. This means that, as long as this “WTF” for Unity08 receives the most votes, any time someone searches for “Unity08” on, a big link to the text in a hot pink box (along with the headline “Unity08 Raises Many Questions, Few Answers”) will appear right at the top of search results.

    If you’d like to help this “WTF” text stay right at the top, it would be helpful for you to go to the Technorati post and vote for it. Thanks.

  2. Bob S-K says:

    I’ve alerted The Independent here in Durham. (I e-mailed you the text of my message.)

  3. Bob S-K says:

    Does anyone know how to contact Sam Waterston? He should know about this. I just watched his little video clip at the Unity08 web site, and I think he’d be embarrassed about some of the glowing things he said if he knew what was really going on. I’ve tried searching the web, but I don’t know how one sends a letter to a famous actor.

  4. Jim says:

    I don’t know either, Bob (hey, thanks on the Independent)… but the Atlantic Monthly piece mentioned he is a personal friend of one of the Founders, so I don’t know how far that might go.

    You could try going through Jack Valenti, who gave money to Unity08 in the 4th quarter and who used to head up the Motion Picture Association of America.

    Jack Valenti’s address, as already publicly listed in the 4th Quarter Report, is 888 16th St. NW 7th Fl., Washington, DC 20006.

    Did I mention that in that capacity, Valenti was a … registered lobbyist?

  5. Jim says:

    Submitted to OpEd News, and on a delayed basis to

  6. Ralph says:

    Submitted to Matt Smith at the SF Weekly.

  7. Bob S-K says:

    Alerted Democracy21. The Wikipedia article on Unity08 mentions that Democracy21 “criticized the group’s initial classification as a non-profit organization,” so your work might interest them.

  8. Bob S-K says:

    Submitted to Chris Bowers at

  9. Jim says:

    Oh, that’s a goodie. I think I’ll do a DKos post tomorrow.

  10. J. Clifford says:

    Submitted as a video to YouTube, as seen on the Squidoo Lens Liberal America.

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  13. Tom says:

    J. Clifford, could you post the link to the YouTube video?

  14. Iroquois Honky says:

    I sure no one will complain if I sit this one out. I’ve already clicked many “thumbs up” icons for Jim’s writings, and I’ve peaked out on the unity topic anyhow. It’s not that I can’t buy into the same core political values, it’s more like IT can’t pay more than lip service to the core value of accepting women as adults. Ordinarily I would jump into the general back-scratching, but no one’s scratching my back on my issue.

  15. Jim says:

    Posted to Goodstorm.

  16. Jim says:

    Posted to DailyKos, along with an explanation as to why even the most partisan Democrats (of which I am not one) should be wary of Unity08.

  17. Jim says:

    Published at, an alternative wire service. As a result, the article is now at the top of the search results for “Unity08” on Google News.

    We’re also at the top of the search results for Unity08 on Technorati, and on the first page of results on regular ol’ Google. If this story doesn’t break somewhere in the media now, it’s not for our lack of trying.

  18. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    Submitted to Chris Matthews at Hardball (Sam Waterston appeared on the show today).

    Submitted to David Harsanyi at the Denver Post (he ran a story critical of U08 in June).

    Is there any way you can make your article a little more like a press release? I think its fantastic, but perhaps members of the media want something more closely resembling an article…just a thought.

    Also, I’ve noticed that you haven’t been covering U08 as much anymore. I think there is quite a bit more to uncover, I think you should keep at it!

  19. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    I’m sorry – it looks like I posted the above comment exactly one minute before Jim posted his new U08 blog entry. Thanks for continuing to scrutinize U08!

  20. Bryan says:

    I have forwarded this information to The Jackson Sun in Jackson, Tn, The Tennessean in Nashville, Tn, Brandon Artilles at WBBJ in Jackson, Tn, and Mike Matthews “Local Government Watchdog” at WREG in Memphis, Tn. Not much, but I’m trying to do my part.

  21. Jim says:

    Thanks, Bryan. Concerned, what else would you be looking for?

  22. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    I think if someone with experience in issuing press releases would come forward, we would be more successful. Instead of putting every question in the same article – perhaps we should draft one article that explains one compelling indescrepancy at Unity08 in a journalistic way and release many of these articles. Journalists like to stick with one lead for each story – we should help them however we can.

    Have you considered establishing a website that could help raise these questions about Unity08? If Unity08 really does make an impact in 2008, it will be too late to start a counter organization then. And, with a website, the media may be more likely to take us seriously. Just a thought…

  23. Alan says:

    “Concerned” is absolutely right. Jim has done some impressive digging, but few people besides me will have time or inclination to follow the links, see the growing pattern etc. There is no story without the background research , and Jim’s work is solid as ususal, so I don’t want him to think I’m just jumping down his throat, but what you need is what Eugene Bardach calls the “New York Taxi” test– being able to explain your issue briefly to a New York Taxi driver–and having the issue make sense to an ordinary person.

  24. Anya Harris says:

    Your questions and those of your readers are fair, but we simply are not in a position to respond immediately to your never-ending list of questions. We are are VERY small operation with so much good work to do, that I propose we come up another solution to have your questions answered. Perhaps we establish a telephone conference time?

  25. Ralph says:

    Uh, if Unity 08 is “not in a position to respond” to Jim’s questions, how is a telephone conference going to “have” Jim’s “questions answered?”

    Jim, you’re doing the right thing. Insist on having the conference taped–for your own protection, and for “transparency.”

  26. Jim says:

    Thanks, Ralph. Another silly by Harris: they don’t have time to answer these questions? Come on. I’m one person and I have enough time to research and ask them. Often these questions have a long, drawn-out information collection process behind them.

    The answers to these questions are sitting right there on Unity08’s database — unless Unity08 is so incompetent that it doesn’t maintain a database, in which case it should be out of the business of running an accurate election. And how many people are supposed to be working for Unity08? The Founders Council, over a dozen. The Rules Committee, over a dozen. Administrators such as Anya T. Harris, who seem to work without any pay, according to Unity08’s IRS reports. Unity08 is also a corporation with executives and a board of directors. Then there’s those interns.

    All these people — a “VERY small operation”? Baloney. If one person can prepare research for and ask these questions, it shouldn’t take another person very long to answer them. The answers are right there. Unity08 says “transparency is essential to public trust.” So share the answers.

    By the way, I’ve given Unity08 Chief Operating Officer Anya Harris three ways to get in touch with me. Despite her publicly professed eagerness, she hasn’t gotten in contact. Wonder why.

  27. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    Jim, I agree with you 100%. I think you should take the initiative right here, right now, on this comment board.

    If I were you, I’d set a date and a time to have that conference call. Conference calls generally include more than two people – so why not make it public during the call? Perhaps Harris already has this in mind. I’d just assume it would be taped…I don’t think that question is a reason to delay. When you set a time, you can just confirm that it will be taped. And again, I’m not sure Unity08 would even have to consent to this. The law depends on which state you live in. You have too many excellent questions to let this opportunity go to waste.

    What time works for you? You’ve said you want transparency – so why not have a dialogue with Harris about a time for the call on this board? I’m eagerly awaiting the discussion about the time as well as the answers to your questions.

  28. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    Sorry to leave another response here so quickly.

    In regard to the small operating staff – I don’t think that the Founder’s Council and the Rules Committee work for Unity08. They all have other jobs, and probably spend a fraction of their workday advising Unity08. We’ve seen repeated posts from Shane Kinkennon, Doug Bailey, Anya Harris, a Moderator, and the Web Team. My guess is that those three people are the only ones that really spend a lot of time on Unity08. Even then, Kinkennon has his own company and Harris works for someone else too. (I think you found this out and published it a post months ago.) And who knows how much time Bailey spends on Unity08. As concerned as I’ve been about Unity08, I’m not sure that they really do have a huge staff funding this thing. They seem to be paying attention to you now, more than ever before. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – embrace this opportunity.

  29. Jim says:

    If these are all the people who work for Unity08, then they’re not going to manage a national online election very well, are they?

    OK, good suggestion, Concerned. I’m not versed in conference calling, so I’m afraid that I don’t know how to set anything up to live stream a phone call, much less give others the opportunity to chime in. But we know from history that at least Anya Harris is reading Irregular Times. So…

    Ms. Harris, if you want to call me during the week, I will be waiting at my phone at Wednesday, 11 AM Eastern Time. You will have to e-mail me to get my phone number. If you want a different time, e-mail me. One more time: my e-mail address is retorts AT I will record the phone conversation if you call and will remind you of that when the conversation begins. If you object, I am not at all interested in speaking on the phone, because there’s no transparency or accountability for either of us.

  30. Anonymous says:

    um, the story supposedly critical of U08 by David Harsanyi in Denver Post that ‘concerned’ refers to in post #18? i can’t find it anywhere.

    there is another denver post story by someone else
    but its in May not June, and it’s a pretty generic story, neither critical nor fawning.

    why is ‘concerned’ suddenly so all fired up about getting jim to “take the initiative”? Jim has already had more initiative than they know what to do with over there. Jim tried to ask questions on their forum with their lawyer, but they cut off his other questions. maybe too many billable hours?…oh, no that’s right, the lawyers are ‘volunteers’ too.

    the funniest thing about Jim’s questions is not the questions themselves or the consistent lack of answers. the funniest thing is that whenever U08 acts as if they are just some rich shysters trying to pull off a scam out of a P.O. box, jim takes what they are saying at face values and expects them to actually act like what they say they are..but they just go back to acting like scammers. oh, the poor, poor true believers who keep posting on the forums, they want to believe in something, but u08 hasn’t even given them a candidate or position statements. still they believe, believe, believe. shut up and grow the movement! never mind what the movement is.

    so unity08 is a bunch of unemployed political hacks. what do they need to become viable and get someone to hire them? they need a mailing list. a huge mailing list. a mailing list of people who have already contributed money and are likely to do so again. so what do you see when you clik on instead of following jim’s little links? You get a page with nothing but a form for collecting email addresses. then you clikck the pass though to website button and you get a picture with another form for collecting email address. Now they’ve got some O’reilly type poster hassling everyone to become a “delegate”. Delegate, schmelegate. they don’t plan to run any ‘election’. Look at their current problem with trying to elect 3 people to act as go-between from founders and “delegates”. Anya Harris admits right off the bat they don’t have the capabi8lity to run their latest election–an internal election to elect three little delgates to interface with the founders. The whole website’s nothing more than a big mailing list collecting machine.

    No, they want to get jim in a converstion alone and introduce him to a new Mr. Thumb, maybe show him some of those 8 million dollar mansions their donors live in –that guy in Atlanta who wrote the puff piece for them–what kind of house does he live in? will jim suddenly and inexplicably soften his rhetoric?

  31. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    Just to play devil’s advocate – I think that Unity08 believes that its organization will grow as it gets closer and closer to Election Day. By spring of 2008, they probably would contend that they will have enough people to successfully manage a national online election.

    I’m not convinced they’ll be able to do it, but I imagine their stance is similar to what I outlined above.

    Usually with conference calls, there is a predetermined time that the participants are supposed to call in and key in a pass code – so potentially hundreds or thousands could be listening. Perhaps Harris will allow you to publish the pass code and invite others to call in. Maybe Unity08 will even invite its members to the call. At the very least, I can’t see why they would object to recording the call.

    Thanks for making a genuine effort to make this call happen, Jim. It’s all up to Harris now, to follow through. I’m eagerly awaiting her response.

  32. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    That’s interesting that you couldn’t find the Denver Post article from June, Anonymous – the story is right here:

    Actually, your link did not work for me…

    I agree that Jim has taken plenty of imitative throughout his last 7 months of covering Unity08. However, Unity08 has never agreed to talk to him directly to answer his questions. He’s put in more than a half of a year of work, so I was merely advising him to seize the opportunity that he has right now. All along, Jim has said he isn’t aiming to bash Unity08 – he has said repeatedly that Unity08 may have legitimate excuses and he would welcome them. If Unity08 is going to provide real answers, then I think all of us that have been reading Jim’s posts should be happy. Maybe Unity08 can clear some of this up. I’m not convinced, but I’m willing to give them a chance. Jim is too. You should join us, Anonymous.

  33. Anonymous says:

    i tried my link several times and only one time got ‘file not found’, but here is another link to the same article in different format, maybe the link more stable:

    not an earth-shattering article but if you reall.y want to read it…

  34. Junga says:

    I actually think that the time for Unity08 to establish credibility is come and gone. If they haven’t been able to handle questions from Jim, how can Unity08 handle a presidential election?

  35. Anonymous says:

    and why *should* i join you? where are the lemmings all going? unity08 says they will only discuss “important” issues, not abortion or same-sex marriage, but don’t you want to know where they stand on the government trying to legislate morality? do you know personlly anyone who DOESNT have an opinion on that? it should be part of the national debate. why are they so coy?

    and where is the hidden source of their money—the “loans” they want to pay back with small donations from the “little people”? why aren’t we told the soucrce of the money? must be pretty bad. remember when there was talk of clinton taking soft money fomr asian soucres? and clinton stuck out his neck to prop up the yen at one point too. how do we know u08 isnt being backed by israeli, saudi, japanese, or even indian money? PAC money cant be foreign , but I think not soft money. the purpose of the lawsuit seems to be to hide their money–hey, there’s a topic the mainstream news should cover–lawsuits are news–

    if you really want to be politicaly active, it would make more sense to me to work for a more mainstream candidate right now. u08 does provide a forum for discussion, but it’s not focussed and i don’t like the mentality of most of the people there, they are either incredibly boring and don’t scan, like jims posts on that site, soryy jim, or they are idiots. they strike me as being what eric hoffer called ‘true believers’ and people like that should go to someplace like or look in their neighborhood newspaper for volunteer opportunities.

  36. Jim says:

    I think Concerned meant “join us” in a sarcastic way. I readily admit my posts are boring because I want to be extra careful to document every claim I make, lest… you can fill in the blank there, I think.

  37. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    Jim, your posts are far from boring – but that is besides the point. I understand your being careful…we certainly don’t want you getting sued.

    You promised to not post any more on Unity08’s website. But I really hope Anya Harris follows through on her commitment to talking with you no the phone. You woulnd’t want to make a post on the site explaining your proposition, would you? I think you have too many good points to not post on Unity08’s website for the next two years…

  38. Ralph says:

    The only reason Jim’s posts are considered “boring” is because whatever line there ever was between news and entertainment is nothing more than a footnote in American history. I suggest it would be fruitful to examine in some detail the implications of this situation for the future of democracy in America. But dear me, that would be boring, so we’d better switch topics to keep peoples’ interest:

    Huh huh! Britney Spears didn’ have no panties on!

    It strikes me that were the amount of detail Jim dedicates to the financial shenanigans of the lobbyists, lawyers and political advisers of Unity 08 dedicated instead to the sexual shenanigans of a president an intern in the White House, the appelation “boring” would no longer be germane.

    The reasons for this, I propose, go back to reflexive assumptions about the role of the citizen as consumer of news. There is an assumption that is seldom questioned in American society–that no criteria other than our own amusement need be considered in our selection of what media fare we tune in to. Perhaps we could begin to examine our own patterns of attention in light of the ethical imperatives of civic responsibility. Just kidding, that would be boring!

    Hey, that guy in Mission Impossible is part of a WEIRD RELIGION!

    As to the question of who I would rather have formulating government policy, let’s see… Intelligent, ethical, detail oriented people like Jim on the one hand, as opposed to scamming idiots on the other? Hmm… let’s see… Well, let’s weigh the evidence carefully, and apply it to a thorough re-examination of just what we want in a representative policy maker. Just kidding!

    That would be BORING!

  39. Anonymous says:

    oh, i’m not saying i dont read it, ralph. i eat it up with a spoon, word for word. i’m sure for this site jim also knows how to write entertaining, over-the-top, no underpants stuff just oozing with charisma. i’m just saying u08 is awfully convoluted and tedious for the great unwazhed masses and some days i don’t feel much like washing either.

  40. Ralph says:

    I’m not busting on you personally, but on current media consumption habits. The bell rings and we start to drool without asking who’s doing the ringing and to what end.

    I think the so-called “unwashed” are smarter than a lot of lawyers, campaign managers, and public relations professionals give them credit for.

    They’ll follow intricate details of a scandal if it involves sex or takes place on their favorite soap opera. They’ll crunch numbers like a pro if it involves baseball statistics.

    I’m hopeful about the potential of the so-called “unwashed.” I think if anyone ever told them that a surefire way each family could pay lower taxes AND get better government services would be to clean up corruption (e.g. every single American man, woman, and child is $1,000.00 in debt from the Iraq War alone), they’d pay as much attention as they do to soap operas and baseball.

    Now, the corporate-owned media’s not going to tell them that. But we will, damn it!

  41. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    Jim, did you try emailing Anya Harris your offer to speak with her on Wednesday?

    She proposed a telephone call – and you’ve said you’ll talk with her. She can’t ignore your offer if you email her…

  42. Jim says:

    I just made another post. I don’t have her e-mail address; do you?

  43. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    Excellent. On a job posting she listed her email as


  44. Jim says:

    E-mail just sent. Thanks, CAU08.

  45. Lee Mortimer says:

    I suppose I might be called a “left-wing activist” for being involved in union organizing and war protesting for many years. But I don’t understand the fixation on Unity08 as some kind of lobbyist conspiracy to perpetuate the political status quo. Sure, Unity08 may not be a “grassroots” organization, but that doesn’t mean it can’t accomplish something worthwhile. And the most worthwhile thing now is to break up the two-party duopoly of power that stifles meaningful political activism. If Unity08 can break through by electing a “unity” presidential ticket, or even make a significant showing in 2008, it will open the gates to all kinds of new possibilities. The process has to start somewhere, and Unity08 is as good a starting point as anything I’ve seen.

  46. Peregrin Wood says:

    Consider this, Lee: Unity08 has been linked to the effort to get Michael Bloomberg to run for President. Michael Bloomberg is the guy who sent out spies across America and into Europe in order to collect information about anti-Republican activists.

  47. Jake Jacobson says:


    Astounding ! 46 comments and EVERYONE Anti- Unity ’08.

    Thank you for your continuous display of what a ZEALOT is.

    Conversely, Unity ’08 published YOU !

    When Unity ’08, at the time it decides, fires back, you will be—
    ” Hoist by your own petard !” America needs open minds, not ZEALOTS!

    Yours, for Democrats and Republicans serving America, not themselves !

    Jake Jacobson, American

  48. Jim says:

    Really? Anya T. Harris, the Chief Operating Officer of Unity08, made an anti-Unity08 comment? You haven’t read these comments even cursorily enough to notice that Lee Mortimer’s comment, two above yours, was quite sympathetic to Unity08.

    Perhaps your superficial read of this thread is related to your superficial read of Unity08. Ditch the faux-ominous threats and look deeper, Jake.

    Jim Cook, American too.

  49. Jim says:

    Oh, Jake Jacobson, I see you are deeper in to Unity08 than I thought. You’ve shown up on talk radio to boost Unity08 and you’re a “Unity08 Trailblazer.”

    So you’re far in enough to know better than to threaten to “fire back.” Go ahead. What are you going to say? I have nothing to hide. Regarding Unity08, I have claimed nothing to be the truth without thorough sourcing.

    So go ahead, Jake Jacobson. Get all mad because I’ve reported information (with sourcing) on a group in which you’re embedded. Start your smears, which are all you’ll be able to do considering that I’m just a self-employed guy with two kids. But your ire might better be directed at the leadership of Unity08, which says it is against lobbyists while bringing them into the leadership, and which says it is against big money while taking big money and suing for the right to take even bigger money.

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