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Unity08 Leaders Pledge to Rid Politics of People Like Unity08 Leaders

The complete lack of a sense of shame among the leaders of continues to astound me. Unity08 is, for those of you joining in the middle of my seven-month-long series of posts, a registered corporation with the plan to nominate its own candidates for president and vice president of the United States of America in one year’s time. Well, as I was saying, Unity08 shows no shame in its hammily hypocritical mode of communication. Today, I got me a little old letter in the e-mail inbox. It contained the following wee paragraph:

Unity08 has a simple and very different approach. Let’s take our country back from the bundlers, the handlers, the lobbyists, the consultants and the political “leaders” who empower them.

Bundlers. USA Today writes that “‘Bundling’ has long been used by partisans and special interests to undercut laws aimed at limiting the political clout of individual contributors…. All that’s required is for a few well-placed supporters to press co-workers, family members and friends to donate…”

Co-workers, family members and friends? Co-workers like Ben Goddard of, who not only wrote an embarrassingly fluffy piece drooling over Unity08 like it was a new kind of candy, but also contributed $1,000 to Unity08 himself, and acted as a founding member of political public relations firm Goddard Claussen along with Unity08 Rules Co-Chair Carolyn Tieger? Or family, like $5,000 donor Richard C. Bailey of 8787 Woodway Dr. Apt. 1203, Houston, TX 77063-2424, who is Unity08 Co-Founder and fellow donor Douglas L. Bailey’s brother? Or $5,000 donor Janice Christensen, who lives with fellow $5,000 donor and Unity08 Co-Founder Roger Craver at 3 Bens Way, Chilmark, MA 02535? How about $5,000 donor Joanne Leedom-Ackerman, who is both married to $5,000 donor and Unity08 member Rules Committee member Peter Ackerman, and a co-worker of his at Rockport Capital? How about friends, like Sam Waterston, who is an old friend of Unity08 Co-Founder Gerald Rafshoon and who agreed to star in a series of televised endorsements of Unity08?

There are just dozens of such examples in the records. And yes, I’ll be examining these in greater detail later.

Handlers. A handler is someone who tells someone what to say, when to say and how to say it, in order . Handlers can stand in official capacities, like Hamilton Jordan, who made his mark in politics as Jimmy Carter’s White House Chief of Staff. Handlers can serve also in advisory capacities, like political public relations professionals, such as Unity08 Chief Operating Officer Anya T. Harris, Unity08 Communications Director Shane Kinkennon, Rules Committee Co-Chair Carolyn Tieger, and Co-founder and shadow CEO of Unity08 Jim Jonas.

Lobbyists. You mean registered lobbyists like Unity08 Rules Committee Co-Chair and Chief Unity08 Lawyer Thomas C. Colllier, and Rules Commitee member Sayuri Yamada Matthews?

Consultants. There’s a great deal of overlap here with “Handlers,” but let’s just mention a few more names we didn’t include above. Consultants acting as Unity08 leaders include: Unity 08 Co-Founder Gerald Rafshoon, Rules Committee member Valerie Syme, Rules Committee member Michael Turk, Unity08 Co-Founder Douglas C. Bailey, Unity08 Co-Founder Roger Craver, and Unity08 Founders Council member Nicco Mele.

Political “leaders” who empower them. That would be the president and vice president whose election the above people plan to manage.

Not counting the assorted college kids who have been sprinkled into the Unity08 Rules Committee and Founders Council to make the organization look grassroots, a large majority of Unity08’s leaders are Bundlers, Handlers, Lobbyists and Consultants.

So what is Unity08 saying here? Two options:

Option A) Unity08 is a movement of bundlers, handlers, lobbyists and consultants dedicated to removing the power of bundlers, handlers, lobbyists and consultants in politics by engineering the election of its own presidential ticket.

Option B) Boy, you little people are such schmucks, we bet you’ll never notice. Snicker, snicker, M___ F____s!

Which option do you think is more plausible?

12 thoughts on “Unity08 Leaders Pledge to Rid Politics of People Like Unity08 Leaders”

  1. Carla says:

    Option C) We’re such morons here at Unity08 that we don’t even recognize the inconsistency.

    That’s my guess.

  2. Bob S-K says:

    Maybe it’s a slight variation of B: “We bet no one will ever care to notice.” Even though Unity08 seems all pumped up and excited about itself, deep down it may know it isn’t going anywhere–your investigative reporting aside–because the current two-party system and the system of electoral politics isn’t likely to change any time soon.

    Even with all their money and Sam Waterstons and well-placed articles, in the end I’d wager most people will giggle at them the way most people giggle at third parties. Unity08 might simmer some interesting ideas, but then they’ll go away (after all, they’re so short-sighted that they didn’t even think beyond the next two years when coming up with the name of their organization; what happens to “Unity08” in 09, and so on).

    Time will tell.

  3. Junga says:

    Option D: Unity08 SAYS that they’re lobbyists and political insiders. Isn’t saying it enough for you

  4. Iroquois Honky says:

    “Perception is reality.”

  5. Robert Skorniak says:
    Unity 08
    I like your idea of voting for a candidate for Pres. You need a small change before it has any chance of success. It is called practice before you leap. How do you know we will pay attention and how will we how the system works. You people that are setting this up are not all knowing. You can make mistakes just like I do. If we are going to participate, let’s practice, let’s start now. I want to vote on the Iraq war. The house has a proposal to send the president a message. I want to vote on that, NOW before the house does and before the lobbyist get a hold of then and offer than $$$$$$$. Also we can vote on the minimum wage law. I think the congress should vote up or down on weather they are in favor of raising the minimum wage. Do they need to get a kick back from small business in order to vote yes or no on minimum wage. Here we go again the same game they always play. If you want our opinion you should start now. I’d be glad to contribute to your group if I thought my opinion was being heard. I could give every time I vote. I would like to vote every time the house votes. If we get tens of millions of votes on every issue before congress. I believe our vote would be heard. I would be glad to hear what the people want and we don’t need a pollster coloring the questions. Just give me the same law that the house is voting on. We will see if the house is really the peoples house, or if they are listening to the lobbyists. You could have three summaries to help interoperate the legal language if it is needed.
    Robert Skorniak

  6. Iroquois Honky says:

    Paying to vote…isn’t that called lobbying?

  7. ScrewedByCraver says:

    The hypocrisy is astounding. Craver is one of thr most deceitful and greedy guys in the biz. He’s left behind a trail of broken promises, dishonest business practices and scrrewed over minions.

  8. Carla says:

    Tell us all about it, Screwed.

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  11. yankee24 says:

    It’s great…this blog thing where we are given the opportunity to share our opinions.So, here goes:

    I was researching UNITY08. I want to know who is behind it…as no org like this rises up from a Walter Mitty sort of person. Point of example…

    But again I am disappointed. I have this naive, altruistic, side that thinks that…yeh, now something true and real is about to happen. But I forget the true nature of humanity.

    So it is that I remember the real truth…Democracy can not ever work. It can not work because power by it’s very nature can not be generally shared. Power dissipates and in diffusion it ceases to be power.(Read Plato’s Republic).

    The Democratic Party is a perfect contemporary example of this…left wing bloggers are dictating to members of congress how they should vote. Of course these bloggers claim the ever-invoked “voice and will of the people”…but they do not by any means approach being the majority voice. The outcome – Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi can only carry on a carricature of leadership of the legislative branch. The left of the party will settle for nothing less than the immediate end to the Iraq war and that is something that the mechanism of democracy just can not deliver to them.: Manipulating the will of the people is tricky business because the people want too many different things at the same time.

    A true leader will LEAD the people to support him/her in doing what HE/SHE thinks is best for the WHOLE of society. A true leader does NOT bow to the loud voice of a minority. In some cases, the will of the people is mob rule. The will of the people is the expression, often, not always, of the lowest element of human nature. I refer, not to the desire to go to war, but to the desire to end it before the task is accomplished.

    When we speak of the will of the people, it is good to think of the Third Reich, where the the German people were manipulated by a great political orator and a genius propogandist. The result was a terrible world war and the murder of millions of Jews. IN the first years, America sat on the sidelines, frozen in place by the powerful peace movement. These people who loathed warfare and the killing engendered by it, were responsible for a good part of the carnage that Hitler perpetrated on the world.

    America now needs a TRUE LEADER. But, I fear, it can not produce one. The United States is on the verge of becoming a failed experiment in democracy…like France, Germany and most of the rest of Europe. We shall soon see the manifestation of a universal law: Anthing in excess is poisonous.

    I can hardly wait for the first PETA sponsored US President. Then, I suppose next, the Plant Rights people will be rignt behind them. And behind them, the Rock Rights people?

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