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Why Does Unity08 Hate Moderate Voters?

Let’s travel back in time… whoosh! We’re back to May 31, 2006, when Karen E. Crummy wrote the following after an interview with Unity08:

Unity08 named Denver as its headquarters, citing the number of moderate voters in Colorado and the fact that many political observers consider it a “purple,” or swing, state.

Tut, tut. Unity08 was housed for six months in political public relations consultant Jim Jonas’ pre-existing business: Peak Creative Media. During that same time, the GOP’s Jim Jonas was also Unity08 CEO.

But OK, let’s take them at their word and believe their hype that they chose a Colorado headquarters because it’s moderate and a swing state and has great skiing.

Why then, if Unity08 loves “moderate voters” so much, did Unity08 inform a judge in its lawsuit filed against the FEC of a change of business address? According to that document dated January 11, 2007, Unity08’s official headquarters is now in Suite 514 of the Watergate towers in Washington, DC. If that is Unity08 headquarters, Unity08 must have a very small head, since it is sharing that suite with at least two other organizations. And according to Unity08’s 4th Quarter report to the Internal Revenue Service, filed on January 31, 2007, the official address of Unity08 is now a Post Office Box: P.O. Box 12545, Arlington, VA 22219.

In either case, by Unity08’s own official professions of truth, the organization has moved its base of operations to the evil, corrupt, Unity08-condemned Washington DC, and away from the righteous, purple, moderate swing state of Colorado.

Why does Unity08 hate moderate voters now?

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