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Unity08 Rolls Out Their Stable of College Kid Pawns

Golly gee, I just love visiting the Unity08 website. It’s always good for a morning laugh. That kind of “I can’t believe they’re trying this baloney” morning laugh.

Unity 08, for those of you joining this rant already in progress, is a corporation registered in Washington DC that maintained its business address inside a public relations firm before it decided that looked bad and so rewrote its history to reflect a business address inside the Watergate towers instead — a business address that, right down to the suite number, is used by at least two other organizations as well. This corporation would like to engineer the election of its very own candidates for president and vice president.

Last night, to match the specially arranged appearance of spokesactor Sam Waterston on Hardball, rolled out a new feature on its webpage with videos submitted by fresh-faced kids talking about how, gosh and crackers, they just loved Unity08’s idealism and gracious me, they were hopping on board!

They don’t tell you who these sparkling, idealistic grassroots kids are:

Maile Lesica: Member, Founders Council
Zach Clayton: Member, Founders Council
Amie Toole: Member, Unity Petition National Board
Jean Lopez: Member, Founders Council

Yes, the junior members of Unity08 boards just looove Unity08. What a shocker!

(Sorry Unity08, no link juice for you. Readers, this feature is at the center right of the Unity08 webpage.)

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