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The Real Unity08: Seminars On How To Invest 30 Million Dollars

Unity08 likes to pretend that it’s a people’s movement, a grassroots organization. That lie has been exposed as a tremendous sham by Jim’s tireless investigation here at Irregular Times into Unity08’s actual operations.

I can’t beat Jim’s tireless quest for the truth about the shameful shenanigans going on over at Unity08, but I did find one little tidbit about Unity08 today that I couldn’t help but share. Jim has identified one of the big donors to Unity08 as Edward Mathias. Mr. Mathias gave a really big check to Unity08. Why? Is it just because he’s an average citizen like us? A grassroots activist? A regular guy?

edward mathias 30 million unity08Don’t bet on it. Edward Mathias is a real high roller. Jim has identified many of Mr. Mathias’s roles leading elite business and financial institutions. There’s one professional activity that he didn’t catch, however.

Edward Mathias recently ran a seminar that promised to help super wealthy Americans who didn’t know what to do with all their money. The seminar promised: “Invest your 30 million! Top investment experts tell you how!” Guess who one of those top investment experts was? You got it – Edward Mathias.

It’s people like Edward Mathias who are the real face of Unity08 – except that Unity08 has been trying to keep secret the influence of people like Edward Mathias in its backroom dealings.

Unity08 grassroots is the kind of grassroots where people who are trying to figure out what to do with their 30 million dollars hang out. It’s not the kind of grassroots you and I know. It’s gold-encrusted grassroots, with synthetic dandelion flowers made out of handpicked diamonds and little ants made out of semi-precious stones.


In other Unity08 action, I’ve set up a Squidoo Lens focusing on the investigations into Unity08. Any suggestions for content or features?

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  1. Carla says:

    Try this video on Waterston, huckster emeritus.

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