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Meditate More on This, Grasshopper…

Some posts by visitors over at Unity08:


Anya Harris,

Are you a spokesperson for this organization? I ask because of the tone of your reply, and because I did not see your name listed on the Founder’s Council page – which doesn’t necessarily mean anything since Sam Waterston seemed to be speaking officially for this site and he isn’t listed anywhere on the site (as far as I could tell)other than in reference to the Chris Matthews interview…

So Anya – if you are involved in some official capacity, please consider this:

All of the problems the site might be experiencing – financial, or other, can be solved, and solved quickly – if there is more effective communication between organization officials and the delegates (and other interested parties). Effective communication(and more organizational transparency) will lead to a huge surge in membership, and also to more financial donations once a real dialogue is established.


Something about this whole thing sounds really fishy and corrupt.

No financial records available via this website.
Unwillingness by the “founders” to answer questions in a straight forward manner about anything.

Yes, grasshopper. Yes, cricket. Meditate on these questions more. Enter the google…

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