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Unity08 Donors: People Like You? Part III

Today is the third day (see yesterday’s and Wednesday’s posts) in which I look at Unity08’s 4th Quarter donors, in order from top to bottom, and provide some context to help you decide whether Unity08’s claim that its donors are “everyday Americans and “people like you.”

Working straight from the 4th Quarter report by Unity08 to the IRS and adding in additional information, here is today’s bunch:

1. Jacqueline Adams, $5,000 donation. Thanks to a press release and the 4th Quarter report, we know that this Jacqueline Adams is the same Jacqueline Adams who worked for 21 years as a CBS News correspondent, winning an Emmy Award for her work on 48 hours. Afterward, she ran her own public relations firm, and now she works as senior counsellor to global public relations giant Burson-Marsteller, reporting directly to the CEO.

2. Marco Battaglia, $5,000 donation. Before entering his current position as senior portfolio manager at Thales Financial Group, Marco Battaglia worked as senior analyst at Baker Street Capital Partners. Zilllow tells us that Battaglia lives in a 2,343 square foot apartment in New York City valued at $3,895,638.

3. Mark Fludzinski, $5,000 donation. There is no “Mark Fludzinski”; the report misspells his name. Marek Fludzinski, the donor, helped found the Thales Financial Group, and made his donation to Unity08 the same day as his colleague Marco Battaglia. Fludzinski reports giving a “couple of million” dollars to charity each year. Along with his wife, Fludzinski bought a brownstone in Brooklyn for $8,500,000.

4. Heide Lankeit, $5,000 donation. Almost no information regarding Heide Lankeit exists on the internet, and the same goes for Harbourton Group Enterprises. But we know from this workshop shcedule that Lankeit works for Harbourton Group Enterprises as a hedge fund manager.

5. Mark Palmer, $5,000 donation. With a name like Mark Palmer, and an employer handily left undisclosed by Unity08, it was hard initially to say much about this individual. But we know from a Zillow search of Palmer’s home in Washington DC that he lives in a 5 bedroom home with 7.5 baths and 3,793 square feet that has a tax-assessed value of $1,851,630. Working also from Palmer’s address, it’s uncovered that this Mark Palmer is President of Capital Development Company, a former Ambassador to Hungary, a former Vice President of Enron for public relations, and wrote speeches for three presidents and six secretaries of state.


Are these “people like you”? Are you a hedge fund manager with a $3 million spread? Are you an ambassador and VP of Enron? Can you afford to give “a couple of million” to charities each year?

Look for more tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Unity08 Donors: People Like You? Part III”

  1. Alan says:

    Very, very nicely done.

    Taken at face value it sounds like a lot of these donors are just from real estate-type groups or financial groups, which sounds pretty politically innocuous. Is any pattern starting to emerge about what lobbying efforts they are linked to or what moneyed interests they actually represent? Or are they just donating because their accountants are telling them it will improve their tax status.

  2. Tom says:

    This sure sounds like the same influence peddling that the two-party system is mired in. Good luck with any political activity in the USA for the foreseeable future. The corporate scam is going global now, so ordinary citizens are basically out of luck almost anywhere on the planet. Enjoy the ride down.

  3. MC says:

    I am sick of listening to liberals cry about things, rather than trying to take hold of their own lives.

    The fact that these pepople talk trash about people that are donating money to a good cause- supossing they are either lobbying someone, or looking for tax breaks- this makes me sick.

    Let me get this straight: You decide to work hard in life, achiece more than the average person, and then give back to society, and this makes you a bad person. Stop complaining .

  4. Jim says:

    Nobody said that except you, MC. You have some interesting ideas in your head.

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