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Unity08 Donors: People Like You? Part V

Today is the fifth day (see Sunday’s, Friday’s, Thursday’s and Wednesday’s posts) in which I look at Unity08’s 4th Quarter donors, in order from top to bottom, and provide some context to help you decide whether Unity08’s claim that its donors are “everyday Americans and “people like you.”

Working line by line down the 4th Quarter report by Unity08 to the IRS and adding in additional information, here is the next bunch:

1. Mary Hertweck, $1,000 donation. According to Zillow, Hertweck is retired lives in a 2 bedroom house sized at 840 square feet and valued at $594,262. The house has a high value for a small 2 bedroom house, nationally speaking. I certainly couldn’t afford to live there, and if you’re a median American you couldn’t either. But Hertweck’s situation is hardly opulent. This is pretty typical for the California coast, however. Let’s be generous and classify Hertweck as one of the “people like you.”

2. James Regan, $5,000 donation. According to the IRS disclosure form, Regan is a General Partner Harbourton Group Enterprises, just like fellow $5,000 donor Heide Lankeit. This is not a coincidence, but part of a practice called “bundling,” a practice that Unity08 condemns publicly but engages in privately. Regan is also past president of Oakley Sutton Securities Corp., a past Managing General Partner of Princeton/Newport Partners, a fellow of the George H. Gallup International Institute and a member of the Board of Trustees of the American Ballet Theatre. But wait, there’s more. Regan was recently Chairman of the Board of Hotelevision and is currently Chairman of the Board of IXI Management.

Regan’s home in Pennington, New Jersey is not listed, but it is situated in an area of large wooded lots, right across the road from a 5 acre spread with a home, the estimated value of which is $992,600.

3. Frank E Richardson, $5,000 donation. Richardson is a signatory on 32 filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Richardson held 916,191 shares of Sonic Corp. in August 2002, back when Sonic was trading for $29 a share. You can do the math. Frank E. Richardson is the founder and Chairman of Enterprise News Media, which owns 9 daily and weekly newspapers in the Boston area. He is also the founder of the humbly named Frank E. Richardson investment company, a trustee of New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and a trustee of the NYU School of Medicine. Richardson lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan at the corner of 5th and Madison.

4. Leo Zicker, $5,000 donation. Zickler was the President and Chief Executive Officer of the real estate Oxford Development Corporation for 35 years, is the provider of a financial endowment for a named professorship of Medicine at SUNY-Stonybrook, and is a member of the board of Enterprise WorldWorks.

5. Richard C. Bailey, $5,000 donation. Bailey is the Brother of Douglas L. Bailey, founder of The Hotline and co-founder of Unity08.


“People like you?” “Everyday Americans?” Well, at least one out of five is. How about the other four?

We’re not done with the list of donors yet. Look for more tomorrow.

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