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Unity08 Donors: People Like You? Part VII.

Today is the seventh day (for review, see parts six, five, four, three, two and one) in which I look at Unity08’s 4th Quarter donors, in order from top to bottom, and provide some context to help you decide whether Unity08’s claim that its donors are “everyday Americans and “people like you.”

Since the previous posting of the backgrounds of Unity 08 donors, Unity08 has taken umbrage at this effort, claiming that I am only providing profiles of $5,000 donors, and not of smaller donors. To the contrary, as a cursory review of previous parts of this project will show, I am providing profiles of each and every disclosed donor in the 4th Quarter of 2006, which includes a few smaller donors. Such carelessness with the facts is concerning in an organization that wants to run a national secure online presidential nomination in one year’s time. If Unity08 wants me to profile the donors of less than $200 (as it indirectly challenged me to do on Wednesday), it will have to provide information regarding donors of less than $200. This information is currently unavailable to any person or group besides Unity08 itself — making Unity08’s challenge impossible to meet.

While Unity08 plays with words, I will continue to do the best I can with the information available to me, thanks to the IRS. Working line by line straight down the IRS 4th Quarter report by Unity08 to the IRS and adding in additional information, here is the next bunch:

1. Marc E. Leland, $5,000 donation. Leland is founder and president of Marc E. Leland and Associates, a company that provides investment Leland is also on the board of directors of Noble, an corporation engaged in drilling for oil and gas, is on the board of directors of the Center for Arts and Culture, is on the board of the U.S. Institute for Peace, having been nominated to fill that position by President Bill Clinton. Leland is also a member of the Bretton Woods Committee, an exclusive group that “has been able to help influence U.S. policy toward the international financial institutions, largely because of the strength and prestige of its members.” . Leland is a past member of the board of Chartwell Leisure Incorporated, and a past Vice President of CL Corporation. Leland is a featured speaker at conferences such as the Brookings Institution’s U.S. – France Global Dialogue and the American Enterprise Institute’s “Where Europe Ends? Integrating the Balkans into the West,”. Leland was also Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Ronald W. Reagan.

From 1998 through 2006, FEC data shows that Mr. and Mrs. Marc E. Leland have given $202,618 in federal political contributions, overwhelmingly to Republicans and Republican Party organizations.

2. David G Powell, $300 contribution. Mr. Powell, of Wellesley Hills, Massachussets, does not have his occupation or employer reported to the IRS in Unity08’s disclosure, which provides a reporting problem, especially for someone named David Powell. However, his address is listed, from which it is possible to find information on his living arrangements: a 3,640 square foot house with an estimated value of $2,030,729. Powell is not a person like you, unless you are a wealthy person.

3. Charles Davidson, $5,000 donation. Occupation and Employer are not listed here, which makes it difficult to nail down exactly who Charles Davidson (another common name) is. Moreover, Davidson’s address is not listed on the Zillow home value service, although surrounding homes are valued at $2.7 million, $3.0 million, $1.9 million, $2.3 million, $1.7 million, and $3.2 million, so you can figure it out (click through the link to take a look at the spread of what must, logically speaking, be Davidson’s address. It’s right above across the street from the $2.3 million house.) A donation to a Republican Kentucky State Senate candidate from a Charles Davidson of the same address describes his occupation as “General Manager” and his employer as the “Lodestar Coal Company.” The majority of Lodestar’s holdings are in Kentucky. A corporate PAC entitled “USTEAM PAC” also from Greenwich, Connecticut also donated money to the same Kentucky candidate, but otherwise I can find no information on Davidson.

4. Jeffrey S. Deutschman, $5,000 donation. As with Charles Davidson and a number of others, the occupation and employer of Jeffrey Deutschman is not reported by Unity08. There is a Jeffrey S. Deutschman who serves as a member of the board or other high-placed manager of a number of corporations and capital investment firms, but those corporations and firms are in Chicago and New York City, far from Centennial, Colorado, where Deutschman lives in a regular sized 2 bedroom house with an estimated worth of less than $200,000. The other Jeffrey S. Deutschman lives in Beverly Hills. There’s nothing I can find to connect the two Deutschmans. I have just submitted a question to Unity08 to provide the answer to this dillemma, but right now I can’t tell you what sort of person Deutschman might be with accuracy. The house suggests a person pretty much like a roughly average American. I’ll update this when possible.


More tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Regarding #4 the Deutchman is the same person and is a really really really good person, just ask him.

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