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Unity08 Sets Up Another Live “Chat”

Unity08 has set up another live “chat” for today at 2 pm (you have to sign up for it here — the details will be e-mailed to you). I put “chat” in quotes, because it is only a so-called chat. In a chat, people have a back-and-forth conversation. That’s not how Unity08 does it. Questions are moderated; only the questions that Unity08 staffers decide are appropriate to answer get answered. The rest of the questions fall down a memory hole, with their very existence never apparent. This is the kind of “chat” that your principal asked you to come into the office to have.

Given that, I don’t think that the Unity08 “chat” is the place to go for actual answers to important questions. Rather, it’s a staged event to visit if you’d like to see a description of how Unity08 sees itself. That has some value, I suppose. I’ll be there, but I don’t expect much beyond what Unity08 already plans for the event.

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