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Unity08’s Revised Mission Already Accomplished in 1997 and 2000

Unity08 is a registered corporation with the goal of nominating and electing its own presidential candidate to the White House in 2008. Its commitment to run one Republican and one Democrat for President and Vice President has been curiously revised — Republican Co-Founder Douglas L. Bailey has now said that it would be OK with him if a Unity08 presidential ticket excluded members of one party, so long as there was a member of the other party appointed to a president’s cabinet: “such as a Republican for Vice President and a Democrat who will be named Secretary of State.”

A president of one party and a cabinet member of another party? Golly gee whizzikers, but that mission has already been accomplished twice within the past decade. In 1997, Democratic President Bill Clinton brought Republican William Cohen into his cabinet as Secretary of Defense. In 2000, Republican President George W. Bush brought Democrat Norman Mineta into his cabinet as Secretary of Transportation.

Well, wowee! Didn’t the Clinton and Bush presidencies do a great job of ending partisanship? Well, actually the Bush presidency did for a time, and the results weren’t pretty.

With Bailey’s mission for Unity08 explicitly revised (and the revision explicitly restated in yesterday’s controlled “chat”), exactly what will be different about a Unity08 ticket in the White House compared to the Bush and Clinton presidencies? Here they are:

1. Instead of presidential candidates nominated by everybody who is at least 18 (and not a convicted felon, and in most states a registered party member) who wants to vote, the Unity08 presidential candidate will be nominated by everybody who is already registered to vote (and therefore at least 18, and not a convicted felon), who has regular access to a computer, an internet connection, and the ability to use both.

2. Unity08 founders and staff get invitations to the inauguration, and possibly much more. Unity08 cofounder Jerry Rafshoon openly bragged in yesterday’s “chat” about how much he was looking forward to a choice seat.

3 thoughts on “Unity08’s Revised Mission Already Accomplished in 1997 and 2000”

  1. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    Good point – I don’t see how Unity08 can spin this…they are really not that unique any more.

    Have you noticed that the Delegate Videos on the homepage have not changed? It doesn’t look like U08 is adding new videos from average people like they promised. On its site, U08 says, “You also will have the opportunity to have your personal “Why I’m a Founding Delegate” video featured on the Unity08 homepage.” Other than the initial videos and a new one from Founder Angus King, there are no new videos. There are a number of possible reasons for this, but I doubt Unity08 will provide the truth. I’m sure they will insist that their ‘small team’ is in the process of organizing the ‘thousands’ of videos they received.

  2. Jim says:

    With their army of lawyers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I doubt that people have changed so much since P T Barnum’s time, so u08 should get plenty of donations and plenty of names in their database, even if they don’t say how they will use the names…sell to spammers, sell to the major parties, etc. Whether the average ‘delegate’ also has the technical capability to make videos….

    Jim’s being way too charitable in his description of u08, however, when he says ‘their goal is…’ and ‘they are committed to…’ U08 deals too much in motives for my taste; motives that can’t be checked. We have already seen so many discrepancies between what they say and what they do. And now they are promising seats to the inauguration? Haven’t they said publicly they don’t expect to win but just want to influence the major parties in a certain direction? There’s another disconnect.

    I have some doubts about the credentials of their ‘delegates’ too. Do you suppose they really have the capability to check whether someone is a registered voter? All the info they ask for is name, address and email. U08 is collecting an interesting mailing list, though, people who say they are registered voters, are internet literate and have weak party identification.

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