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Unity08 Donors: Everyday Americans? Part VIII

Today is the eighth day (for review, see parts seven, six, five, four, three, two and one) in which I look at Unity08’s 4th Quarter donors, in order from top to bottom, and provide some context to help you decide whether Unity08’s claim that its donors are “everyday Americans and “people like you.”

Unity08 Chief Operating Officer Anya T. Harris has noted the profiles of individuals in the 4th Quarter report, and has invited me to profile donors to Unity08 of less than $200. This is currently impossible, as Unity08 has not made such information possible. So I have asked Ms. Harris to arrange to send me the information. To date, I have received neither the information on such small donors nor any commitment from Unity08 to do so. I remain open to profiling those donors, but am not hopeful that this will be possible.

In the meantime, I will continue to do the best I can with the information available to me, thanks to the IRS. The donors I can obtain information on make up by far the largest money mass for Unity08, making them most salient to those who pay attention to money. Working line by line straight down the IRS 4th Quarter report by Unity08 to the IRS and adding in additional information, here is the next bunch:

1. James M. Dworkin, $5,000 donation. Dworkin’s place of employment is listed in the Unity08 4th Quarter report as “GB Palladin Capital,” an firm devoted to managing the investments of wealthy people that has actually been renamed to GB Merchant Partners. A biography of Dworkin on GB Merchant Partners’ website notes that Dworkin is a principal and managing director there. Dworkin has been an investment manager for rich people’s money for over 16 years, and has been a managing director at multiple investment firms. Dworkin lives in a single family home on 2 acres in New Jersey with an estimated value of $1.9 million.

2. Joel Mandel, $5,000 contribution. Joel Mandel is listed in Unity08’s 4th Quarter report as working for “The Maragenet Group” which, as is the case with a number of entries in the Unity08 report, is misspelled. Joel Mandel actually works at The Management Group in Beverly Hills, where he manages the assets of Hollywood actors and studio executives. Newsmeat lists almost 100 campaign contributions by Mandel, summing up to nearly $100,000 and sent to both Democrats and Republicans.

3. Timothy J Waters, $5,000 donation. Waters is a partner at the Washington, DC office of Mcdermott, Will & Emery. This office specializes in international trade. The firm’s biography of Waters informs us that

Tim focuses his practice on antitrust and trade regulation. He works extensively with investment bankers, corporations and trade and professional associations. In conjunction with his practice, he has reviewed over 1,500 mergers and acquisitions for investment banking and corporate clients, and has tried antitrust cases in U.S. District Courts and argued cases before U.S. Courts of Appeals.

Waters lives in a 5 bedroom house with an estimated value of $1.0 million.

4. James Brandt, $5,000 donation. Unity08 reports that Brandt works for “Lathan & Watkins, Llp,” but this is misspelled: Brandt actually works for Latham & Watkins, Llp, a law firm where he has been a partner for more than 16 years. Brandt specializes in corporate law, particularly pertaining to mergers, acquisitions, and corporate bankruptcy. Brandt lives in a 7 bedroom, 3,541 square foot house with an estimated value of $1.7 milion.

5. Roderick M. Hills, $5,000 donation. Hills is a founder and Chairman of a program named for himself at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. His profile there tells us all about him:

His long and distinguished career has included both service in the public sector, as Counsel to the President of the United States (1975) and Chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission (1975-1977), and in the private sector, as a founder and partner of Hills & Stern, Attorneys at Law, chairman of Hills Enterprises, Ltd., co-founder and a former partner in a California law firm, and chairman or CEO of several other major firms. Mr. Hills currently serves as a member of the boards of Chiquita Brands International, Certus, and Aklara. He is a founder, former Chairman, and currently the Vice-Chairman of the US-ASEAN Business Council. He is a trustee of the Committee on Economic Development.

Hills lives in a 7 bedroom house with 8 bathrooms measuring 7,891 square feet and a tax-assessed value of $2.1 million.


Everyday Americans? You tell me. There are lots of donations to go. Look for more tomorrow.

One thought on “Unity08 Donors: Everyday Americans? Part VIII”

  1. Fruktata says:

    It seems to me that Unity08 is not at all a true grassroots organization. Didn’t Anya T. Harris, the COO of Unity08, actually meet personally with everyone who gave five thousand dollars?

    Looks like Unity08 is a typical tool for the rich and powerful. Pretty darned clumsy at it, too.

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