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What Really Happened In Afghanistan Today?

In the aftermath of the explosive attack today on the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan while Vice President Dick Cheney was at the base, this much is clear: We are not getting a straight story about what really happened.

Military spokespeople have told reporters that two people were killed in the attack. The Governor of the province where Bagram Air Base is located tells a different story. The Governor says that nineteen people were killed in the attack.

19 people dead and 2 people dead. Picture those numbers of dead bodies in your head, and you’ll see that there’s no way that an honest mistake between the two can be made.

Either we’re being given information by people who don’t know what really happened, or we’re being lied to. I have no way of knowing whether the story with 2 people dead or the story with 19 people dead is the right story, or if both of these numbers are wrong.

This mystery illustrates the general problem for the American people with the war in Afghanistan. We’re not getting accurate information about the war in Afghanistan, and the American government has lost its credibility.

Alisa Tang for the Associated Press writes, “It was unclear why there was such a large discrepancy in the reports.” That’s a generous understatement.

How can we support a war being fought in our name without knowledge of what’s happening in that war?

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