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Unity08: Mute Invitation To Look Behind Shuttered Windows

You know, two weeks ago on February 14 Unity08 Chief Operating Officer Anya T. Harris said the following about me:

We know that Jim is profiling our $5,000 donors and we have invited him to profile our smaller donors who are many times in number and deserve the same or more visibility as our major donors.

Let’s be nice and call that a misrepresentation, on two counts:

1. As anyone who reads here regularly knows, I am in the process of providing profiles (based on already public information) on ALL 4th Quarter 2006 donors that Unity08 has disclosed. ALL of them, including the 8% who are small donors of $250 or less. I’m going straight from the top to the bottom.

2. It is untrue that Unity08 has invited me to profile all of its donors. However, on February 15, I publicly interpreted Harris’ words as the invitation she never gave me, and asked for the appropriate information on all of Unity08’s donors so that I could do as Harris asked me to do and profile them. I got no response from the website post (and we know she reads Irregular Times), so on the morning of February 16 I wrote her the following request to her e-mail address:

I have no record of an invitation for me to profile all the small donors to Unity08, which I presume includes donors of amounts below $200, since your reference to my receiving such an invitation says that the small donors I am invited to profile are “many times” more in number than the $5,000 donors. This can only be true if you’ve invited me to profile donors including those donating less than $200.

That, in turn is impossible currently since, as you know, those individuals are undisclosed. I look forward to you sending me the necessary information — names, dates, amounts, employers and occupations — from the IRS reports. Surely you have this in a database. To select the appropriate fields, export them into a comma-delimited file, and send that information as an attachment should take approximately 20 minutes. I look forward to the prompt receipt of this information.

It’s been twelve days since I asked for the information Unity08 says it wants to provide me. And I haven’t gotten a word back on the subject.

I’m left wondering why Unity 08 COO Anya Harris would ask me to do those profiles if she didn’t want to send me the information necessary to meet her request.

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