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Unity08 Donations Come Heavily From Investment Firms

Having recently finished compiling the public profiles of the 66 publicly donors to Unity08 in the 4th Quarter of 2006 (see here for direct links to the series), it’s time to begin characterizing those donors in the aggregate.

What is the dominant source of Unity 08 donor money? Capital investment firms. Out of the 66 donors, I could track down places of employment for 58. Of those 58 donors, 33 were employed in investment firms. That’s 57 percent. An additional two, Timothy Waters and James Brandt, work for law firms that advise investment firms. Including those two takes us up to 60 percent of donors to Unity08 coming from investment firms.

Investment firms associated with 4th Quarter Unity08 donors include:

Allied Capital
American International Group
Baker Street Capital Partners
Bankers Trust
Blackstone Group
Boulder Ventures
Botts Capital Partners
Cambrent Financial Group
Capital Development Company
Carlton Capital Group LLC
The Carlyle Group
CIBC World Markets
Corporate Partners
Credit Suisse First Boston
The Cypress Group
Drexel Burnham Lambert
Dubin & Swieca
E. F. Hutton & Company
Emerging Markets Investment Corporation
Frank E. Richardson Investment
G-31 Fund Limited Partnership
GB Palladin Capital
Goldentree Asset Management
Goldman Sachs
Harbourton Group Enterprises
The Hawthorne Group
Highbridge Capital Management
JER Investors Trust
Juniper Capital Group
Khronos LLC
Lehman Brothers
The Management Group
Mark E. Leland and Associates
Morgan Stanley
New Enterprise Associates
Oakley Sutton Securities Corp
Oxford Development Corp
Peabody Corporation
Sirrom Capital
Strategic Investment Group
T. Rowe Price
T2 Partners
Thayer Capital
Twin Capital, Inc
Thales Financial Group
Warburg Pincus LLC
Zen Group LLC

To what end are these donors investing in Unity08?

3 thoughts on “Unity08 Donations Come Heavily From Investment Firms”

  1. Ralph says:

    Shouldn’t that last line read:

    “To what end are these investors donating to Unity ’08?”

  2. Jim says:

    I think both versions of the line might be apt.

  3. Ralph says:

    But Jim, can’t you see that these lobbyists and investment bankers who are moving big money into political movements are just trying to support the democratic process?

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