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Member Says Unity08 Could Not Withstand Real Journalistic Inquiry

As Jim pointed out last night, there are signs that the Unity08 bubble is getting set to burst. As information about Unity08’s politics-as-usual reliance on lobbyists, public relations, Washington D.C. power brokers and elites from financial investment companies has come out, members of Unity08 have begun to ask the organization’s leadership more questions. More often than not, the Unity08 leadership just doesn’t respond.

So, members of Unity08 are growing disillusioned. Taking a second look at the reality behind Unity08’s promises, they don’t like what they see. One member asks what would happen if some reporter somewhere started to actually ask critical questions of the group’s leadership:

“None of the stuff I’ve read in the press has even taken a small look under the covers of the web site, or evaluated the makeup of the organization or the delegate base. Should an actual reporter ever be found to write a peice on Unity08, I am sure it would not withstand the review.

The message? Because of poor oversight, lack of vision, a market-strategy that is in shambles and a growing sense that the founders of Unity08 have in mind something very different from what comes out of their mouths; Unity08 has lost a delegate, a contributor and a believer. If Unity08 can do that to me; someone who has invested countless hours over the past few weeks attempting to understand and come into harmony with it’s goals and purpose; imagine how quickly and how completely it loses the casual visitor.”

Jim has reported on the too-cozy connections between Unity08 and publications like the Atlantic Monthly. Are there any journalists out there who would be willing to report on some of the serious ethical problems that Jim has uncovered on Unity08? So far, no. That speaks as poorly of American journalism as it does of Unity08.

2 thoughts on “Member Says Unity08 Could Not Withstand Real Journalistic Inquiry”

  1. Ralph says:

    It occurs to me that any big-name politician who would even contemplate signing on as a Unity ’08 candidate would be likely to do a fairly thorough job of vetting the organization (at least, more thorough than the press has been to date). Anyone actively vetting this organization would be sure to find the research Jim has done, and probably a lot of things Jim hasn’t found.

    So if Unity ’08’s last big hope is to find a big-name candidate, what are the chances?

  2. Diana says:

    Good question Ralph! I would like to know the answer to your question as well.

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