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Unity08 Followers Go Off the Reservation

A majority of the small number of people who have been posting to Unity08 message boards on a regular basis have gone off the reservation. These earnest participants have expressed frustration since the Unity08 leadership erased their writings from the front page and then failed to answer their questions. Indeed, Unity08 corporate leaders have not made any public postings to their own bulletin boards for weeks. On top of this, for months Unity08 visitors have been reporting that their messages are often redacted or outright deleted without explanation. Well, finally these participants — who are the very “grassroots” that Unity08 likes to write about but who Unity08 corporate visitors find so embarrassing — have had enough. They are doing two things:

1. Gathering in Washington, DC on April 16 with a video camera at the front doors of the Unity08 offices, with the plan of trying to get the Unity08 leadership on camera, and

2. Setting up their own Wiki with the theme of unity in politics and discussion about Unity08 — a discussion that they control.

Good luck to them. I have no idea what changes their efforts will wreak, but it will be interesting to watch people try to build their own cumulative enterprise, not from the top down as before, but really and truly from the bottom up.

3 thoughts on “Unity08 Followers Go Off the Reservation”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    The trouble with Wiki08: You have to log in to even see most of the content they’re writing.

    There isn’t much chance that this project will attract anyone from the outside, when no one from the outside can even see what it’s all about.

    I predict the Wiki08 web site won’t last longer than a year.

  2. Jim says:

    But at least it is authentic, and not the canned, controlled material that presents.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do we know that? What could those “armies of lawyers in every state” be doing?

    Who ARE the people behind the wiki08? Perhaps it only *looks* like they are off the reservation. They have a fairly interesting immigration platform started, doesn’t look anything like the two major parties, or for that matter like the Irregular stance. they also have a link to a stie that follows state by state election legislation, with some interesting legislation passed (in my state at least) this week.

    The links to the u08 comments are totally fubar at this point. A few still link to actual comments, others link to the top of the title essay, perhaps comments have been deleted(?), but it is impossible to see most recent comments or follow any discussion if there still is any left.

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