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Unity08 Death Watch: Moribund Blog, Missing Posts

Unity08 is a corporation run by lobbyists and public relations executives that continues to proclaim its plan to elect its own candidate for president. But lately, it’s been kind of quiet. Part of that quiet is a matter of Unity08’s own choice: despite its self-proclaimed status as a “grassroots” “people’s movement,” it has made only one post to its blog in the entire month of March. Unity08 has also made the choice to remove citizen discussion from its home page, and has begun to delete posts that now appear as phantom titles, linking to non-existent comments that for some unknown reason are deemed to merit termination.

As a result of these choices by Unity08 leadership, citizens have made their own choices this month, largely abandoning the Unity08’s shoutbox and heading back to their undisclosed locations. Such a development would be a disaster for a truly “grassroots” “people’s movement” that really, actually depends on citizens to power it up. But a movement built on the donations of the wealthy and powerful needn’t worry about a lack of support by average Americans, since from an advertising point of view average Americans are the sort of suckers who are best positioned in front of their televisions, nursing nice cold bottles of beer. Now that Americans have largely abandoned (as they previously abandoned the propped-up and, the fate of Unity08 will depend on the extent to which Unity08 is honestly a “grassroots” movement as it says, or disingenuously pursues the strategy of elite, special interest endorsement.

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