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Unity08 Death Watch: Less Than 10% of Recruitment Goal Met

Has Unity08 been lying about how many supporters it has? Even if the answer is no, Unity08 is still a pretty miserable failure by its own standards. In an interview with DC Beltway insider Morton Kondracke back in the summer of 2006, DC Beltway insider and Unity08 co-founder Douglas L. Bailey set a benchmark of 500,000 delegates by January 2007. If Unity 08 observer Kacz is right, even two months later Unity08 has only garnered a 1/20th of that amount. And even if Unity08 has been wholly truthful about its delegate count, it has met less than 10% of its own recruitment goal.

If you’re being asked to give money to Unity08, then before you cough up a donation you really ought to first ask them how they can reasonably move from this mediocre position to the world’s first online secure national election with the participation of huge swaths of the electorate, all in one year’s time.

I just don’t think it’s going to happen, and that’s why I say the Unity Death Watch goes on. This is an organization that took its discussion board off the front page because real grassroots visitors started going off script. This is an organization whose policy deliberation website for citizens was to be fully operational by January, but which is still sporting spam links regarding peanut butter lawsuits. It would be one thing if such an organization were having these troubles as a result of its outsider status and the inexperience of its staff. But Unity08 is being run by public relations professionals and its fundraising is being massaged by decades-long insiders to the DC political game. It’s all been a horrible miscalculation. Who’s going to want to hire these people for the next advertising campaign for Cheez Whiz, much less decide to run under their faux-political banner?

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