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Tracking the Democrats: The Year so Far

Since the beginning of the year, Irregular Times has accelerated its reporting of tracking statistics for Election 2008 Democratic contenders to a weekly schedule to reflect the increased pace of the race. At the end of each month, we let you know how absolutely everybody in this large group is doing, but once a week, we follow the ups and downs of the top five candidates, measured in terms of the percent share of our sales of 2008 bumper stickers, buttons, posters and made-in-the-USA shirts. Since the beginning of this year, those top five have without been Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Bill Richardson and John Edwards. Joseph Biden and Dennis Kucinich have occasionally come close to breaking into the top five, but really only occasionally — and Chris Dodd and Mike Gravel are (sorry to say for these two earnest candidates) very far back.

Let’s see how those top five have fared over the year so far. As candidates have made announcements, garnered awards, and entered into spats, their shares of sales have spiked and dipped, but there’s a pretty clear stratification in terms of who brings on the sales of promotional material… there’s Obama, and then there’s everyone else. Here’s a year-so-far summary:

2008 Presidential Election Tracking Stats Week by Week for the First Three Months of 2007

Are we watching the bloom come off of Barack Obama’s rose?

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