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Unity08 42,000 Delegate Myth Propagates

Another political journalist talks to Unity08 coFounder Douglas L. Bailey, and another political journalists write a news piece in which Unity08 is described as having 42,000 delegates. That’s a myth. Unity08 has 42,000 people who have signed up for their e-mail list. The sign-up process to become a delegate did not begin until 2007, and every person who signed up to become a delegate also became a user. There are fewer than 26,000 people with user accounts to post at, and many of those users signed up in 2006. There are therefore fewer than 26,000 people who have signed up as delegates, and probably far fewer.

Of course, despite directly contacting Unity08 leadership with this information, they haven’t written back, just as they haven’t written back to give me the information I need to complete donor profiles they told me I should write, or to agree to a simple statement saying they won’t try to parlay their Unity08 fake-grassroots movement into plum jobs with big paychecks.

I think they’ve decided that the dialogue they promised with me last month won’t be happening over the internet. It will be spread hilltop to hilltop via semaphore.

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