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“Public Punditry” Contest Opens

Impeach Bush for Blowing the Job Freewayblogger sign Freewayblogger has just opened a contest for the most creative and well-placed piece of “public punditry” in the United States. “Public Punditry” appears to be a euphemism for public written or graphic protest, a form of protest in which the Freewayblogger specializes. The details:

Send pictures or videolinks of your Public Political Punditry to Submissions may include Political Art, Speech, Theater or Text placed or performed legally in public under the protection of the first amendment. Suggested locations for public puditry include Parks, Libraries, and Town Squares… Doesn’t have to be a freeway. All physical artwork and signage must be easily removable from site: No Vandalism.

The winner’s reward, other than some website exposure, is the visit of the Freeway Blogger to the winner’s town or city over the summer for some creative message plastering.

If you need some tips for getting started, check out FB’s How To page here.

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