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Unity08 Death Watch: Delegates Grow at Anemic Pace

Unity08 has a stated goal of registering 10 million delegates by July 1, 2008 to participate in the world’s supposed first-ever online secure national presidential nomination.

Since Unity08 delegate signups began in January of 2007, delegates have been a subset of users, since people can sign up to be Unity08 users with privileges to post on a message board, but decline to become a registered delegate. On the other hand, all people who sign up to be delegates are also registered as users. So the number of registered delegates (not the number of registered “delegates and supporters,” a higher but conveniently untrackable number often cited by Unity08) must be lower than the number of registered users.

On the morning of March 29, 2007, the last time I checked, the highest registered user number on Unity08 was 27,409.
On the morning of April 4, 2007, six days later, the highest registered user number was 29,360.

Dividing the difference (1951 delegates) by 6 days gives us a rate of 325 new delegates a day.

This rate of daily growth is on the same scale of daily growth as a petition being signed by students, employees, alums and friends of Brigham Young University to protest the appearance of Vice President Dick Cheney there for a commencement speech.

At this rate, Unity08 will add 147,550 more delegates by its nominating date of July 1, 2008. Even if we incorrectly assume that every current Unity08 user account represents a delegate, adding at the very most 29,360 current delegates, Unity08 would only muster a mere 1.8% of its declared goal of 10,000,000 nominating delegates.

One thought on “Unity08 Death Watch: Delegates Grow at Anemic Pace”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Normal Americans don’t care right now — only party fundraisers and TV pundits do. They’ll care next February once they see which two losers the parties have picked as our choices.

    So, Unity08 won’t pick a progressive as their nominee, but progressives need to wake up and realize that a progressive can’t win the presidency in the current political environment. The best chance is to get someone elected who will at least listen to progressive ideals.

    Clinton, Carter, Johnson, and Kennedy got elected as centrists and did some progressive things. Gore, Kerry, Dukakis, and Mondale got nominated as liberals and lost, leaving progressives out of the debate entirely.

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