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The Bicycle Rises Again In Boston Today

If you live in Boston near Northeastern University, look for a ghost today – a ghost bicycle.

At 5:00 this afternoon, at the corner of Huntington and Forsyth, a ghost bicycle will be installed as a memorial to a bicyclist killed by a motorist. A ghost bicycle is a bicycle painted white, and locked to a street sign along with a memorial plaque near where a bicyclist has been killed.

The ghost bicycle movement has spread to cities around the world, being continued by groups like Visual Resistance in New York City and Ghost Cycle in Seattle. These installations are a way to remember the particular bicyclists who have been killed, but also serve as a method for making people aware of the problem of cars hitting and killing people on bicycles.

If you’re driving, share the road, and be on the lookout for a ghost bicycle near you.

Latest bicycle fatality: A 13 year-old boy crushed by a “heavy vehicle” in the United Arab Emirates.

2010 update: the Ghost Bicycle movement is still around and still marking the deaths of bicyclists on the road. The latest ghost bicycle will be placed in the Bronx April 10, 2010 to mourn a rider who spent her life advocating for alternative transportation.

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