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Weekly Tracking Stats for 2008 Democrats From January 1 to April 7 2007

For two years and five months now, Irregular Times has been tracking one measure of strength of 2008 contenders that the media doesn’t touch. Rather than track public opinion polls of a representative sample of the American public, we’re looking at a possibly more important measure: the number of bumper stickers, campaign buttons, posters and t-shirts that we sell in support for each of those Democrats. People who buy these items are supporting their favorite candidate in a committed and public way when they wear a shirt, sport a button, or slap a sticker on their car. That’s the kind of core support that campaigns can really depend on to weather political storms.

We’ve recently accelerated our reporting schedule for this tracking statistic, adding quick updates every week to the more detailed updates every month. These weekly posts show trends for the year so far, focusing on the five most popular candidates across that time. Here is this week’s update, covering the period from January 1 to April 7, 2007. The top 5 in share of sales in the year so far are:

1st place: Barack Obama: 51.6%
2nd place: Hillary Clinton: 18.6%
3th place: Al Gore: 10.5%
4rd place: Bill Richardson: 7.5%
5th place: John Edwards: 4.1%

That’s the order of these candidates overall since the beginning of 2007. But from week to week during that period, how have the candidates trending?

Percent Share of Election 2008 Bumper Stickers and Buttons Etc. for Democratic Presidential Contenders, through April 7 2007

There’s a lot of shifting among the alternatives to the clear popular favorite, Barack Obama, but over that time I can’t see any consistent trend among them. This means I don’t really have a lot to say about what’s been happening in the presidential race, at least pertaining to the horse-race aspect of it all. Look for another update of our tracking statistics next week.

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