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Shakeup at Unity08? Tieger Dropped from Lawsuit, Lobbyist Added

Is there a shakeup going on at Unity08? Carolyn Tieger, who is (or was?) Unity08 Rules Committee Co-Chair, 2005 Washington PR Woman of the Year, lead communications counsel for the Asbestos Alliance, and head of “public affairs” at lobbying firm Porter Novelli, has been removed as a plaintiff for Unity08 in its lawsuit for the ability to accept campaign contributions of unlimited size. The one sentence notice to the judge in the case reads:

Pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 41(a)(1), and by stipulation of the parties, Plaintiffs herein provide notice of the voluntary dismissal without prejudice of Plaintiff Carolyn Tieger.

Meanwhile, as this letter shows, the number of DC lawyers hired to pursue Unity08’s lawsuit has grown from three to four, with Rhonda M. Bolton joining the case. Like her colleagues in the case, Bolton is a registered lobbyist.

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