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Unity08 Shows off Presidential List to Its Insiders

When it speaks to the little people, discussing possible presidential candidates who might be interested in running under its ticket, Unity08 likes to hide behind a veil of suggestive “confidentiality.” Unity08 Founder Gerald Rafshoon had the “confidential” approach on turbothrusters during his February 16, 2007 “chat” in which he chose a set of questions to answer:

We have made great strides in presenting our case to potential candidates, all of whom we have briefed on a confidential basis…. At this time, we have had background briefings with the promise of confidentiality…. We cannot predict when we will hear from potential candidates. But, we have been talking to some, on a confidential basis….

But Unity08’s coy reticence seems to be absent in the PowerPoint presentation it prepared especially for small personal meetings with well-heeled potential donors. Names of potential Unity08 candidates are splashed up on screen, even in cross-party pairs. Here are a few sample slides, garnered from the public record of Unity08’s lawsuit (see the last paragraph for information on access):

Unity08 List of Possible Presidential Candidates
Unity08 List of Possible Presidential Candidates: Hagel-Warner Ticket
Unity08 List of Possible Presidential Candidates: Bloomberg-Sebelius Ticket Misspelled Sibelius

Interesting choices, aren’t they? Maybe it’s just me, but I wonder how well a presidential ticket with Sam Brownback, Newt Gingrich, or Tom Tancredo on it would bring the nation together in Unity. What kind of Unity have those candidates been talking about? And something tells me that Governor Sebelius wasn’t too keen on the PowerPoint. The spell checker is apparently an instrument of partisan division. I would have preferred a discussion of dialectics with Chuck Hegel, myself.

The PACER (Public Access Court Electronic Records) system is a real gas: go ahead and take it for a spin yourself! The online search and document retrieval service costs 8 cents per page and requires registration. To get Unity08 lawsuit documents, submit search queries for the DC District Court here, entering 1:07cv00053 as the case number. Court papers are being added every week. Do a bit of panning and you’ll find yourself uncovering little gems like this all the time.

4 thoughts on “Unity08 Shows off Presidential List to Its Insiders”

  1. TryingToAccessWebsite says:

    The link you provided to search for court documents requires a username and password…

  2. Jim says:

    Yes, it does. Read the last paragraph.

  3. Temple Stark says:

    Man, that sure doesn’t seem like anything different, does it? I guess it’s good that baby steps are being considered more than giant leaps of faith at this point. It IS more realistic that way, yet, not quite as exciting. This time around is when exciting should take center stage since they aren’t going to succeed anyway. But they can lay groundwork for future elections. This is boring growundwork. IMHO. Temple

  4. anon says:

    …now that’s something you don’t see every day…

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