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Irregular Zazzle Collection Tops 300

As of this morning, our new collection of political campaign gear at Zazzle has topped 300 items. We’ve got campaign items for presidential candidates in 2008, for environmental causes, marking opposition to war, speaking truth to power on Homeland Insecurity, and even calling out the reality about scary Republican candidates.

We also have a similar range of items at our shops at CafePress, so why are we bothering to set up shop at Zazzle as well? Well, Zazzle offers some items, like political keychains, square buttons, and sheets of campaign stickers (not for the car bumper), that CafePress doesn’t sell. Some of the items, like campaign buttons, we can offer at a less expensive price for people over at Zazzle.

Also, CafePress has been censoring some forms of political expression, and if we have a variety of outlets for spreading our political messages, the integrity of those messages is more secure. Unfortunately, Zazzle has its own standards for censorship. Our hope is that we can evade the commercial censors at one network even when we’re slammed down at another.

We have stronger hopes for unfettered expression of ideas through Skreened, where so far we have set up shops of ethically made in the USA shirts for the 2008 presidential election and for more generally liberal issues (from American Apparel, and at a lower price than we can offer at CafePress as well).

One thought on “Irregular Zazzle Collection Tops 300”

  1. Jim says:

    An update: as of today, we’re up to 887.

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