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Scrutiny trails kooky Michele Bachmann

michele bachmann kooky congressWe’ve followed some of the twisted, kinky trail of Republican Michele Bachmann, from her rants declaring that lesbians and gays are in bondage, to her claim that she was personally instructed by God to run for Congress.

For more ongoing coverage of Michele Bachmann’s eccentric extremism, let me suggest that you visit the Dump Bachmann blog, run by dedicated voters in Bachmann’s district in Minnesota. I quote: “Michele Bachmann is Minnesota’s Answer to Florida’s Katherine Harris. She is obsessed with gays at the expense of representing her district.”

Today’s news: Michele Bachmann actually voted against legislation that would have required the IRS to inform taxpayers about attempts to exploit the system in order to gain access to private financial information.

One thought on “Scrutiny trails kooky Michele Bachmann”

  1. Otto says:

    People elect the polititians they deserve. This woman is clearly a fruitcake who is unfit for any elected office but maybe voters don`t scrutinize election candidates as closely as they should. In other words they leap before they look. The mere fact that she thinks God told her to run for Congress raises questions about her mental health amongst other things. I thought these kinds of people could only get elected in the Southern Bible Belt, amazing(and depressing)that one OF these fundie kooks got elected in Minnesota!

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