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Overnight Statistics: Committed Reaction to the First Debate

Here is one indicator of a “snap” reaction to last night’s first debate between Democratic contenders for the presidency: the percent share of sales of our Democratic presidential bumper stickers, buttons, shirts and posters garnered by each of the contenders after the closing of the debate and through the overnight hours. The distribution looks like this:

Overnight Reaction: Percent Share of Election 2008 Sales After the First Democratic Presidential Debate

Barack Obama was ahead of the rest of the pack. Bill Richardson came in a surprising second, and Hillary Clinton and John Edwards were essentially tied for third place.

Where’s Joseph Biden in this graph? Where is Christopher Dodd? They are nowhere. Neither Biden nor Dodd garnered any sales from their debate performances. Biden and Dodd were outshone by Al Gore, who ended up ahead of Biden, Dodd, Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich despite not actually being in the presidential debate.

Look for more direct consideration of the first presidential debate later today.

2 thoughts on “Overnight Statistics: Committed Reaction to the First Debate”

  1. Cara Valente-Compton says:

    This is the most amusing post-debate analysis I have seen yet. Nice job!


  2. John From NJ says:

    It was Political Kabuki! Kuchisan to the far left, Mikeisan off the politcal scale, most honorable leftovers move to the center. Not quite Zen, but close.

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