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Unity08: We’re 83% Dirty, Not 86% Dirty!

The movement by Unity08 to the Dark Side is now complete.

In its front-page section entitled “Why we’re doing this…More reasons why we need to join together to take our country back”, Unity08 listed the following reason today:

Big Money Still Rules: High-dollar donors dominated early 2008 fundraising, with campaign reports showing 86% of top six candidates’ cash came from contributors giving more than $200, Wall Street Journal reports.

The “full” Wall Street Journal article (a mere McNewsNugget) doesn’t tell you who the six presidential candidates are:

HIGH-DOLLAR DONORS dominated early 2008 fund raising, with campaign reports showing 86% of top six candidates’ cash came from contributors giving more than $200. Nearly one-fourth of Clinton’s listed donors have already contributed the $4,600 limit, while just one-tenth of Obama donors have “maxed out.” In the poll, 19% of Americans say campaigns have asked them for money, but just 4% have given.

And that makes me kind of suspicious, but let’s take the number at face value for the moment so we can get this straight: Unity08 is “doing this,” engaging in all of its activities, and asking for you to send them a check, because some six other presidential candidates have in the aggregate collected 86% of their donations from contributors giving more than $200.

OK. Right. It’s the Principle Of The Thing. Sure. Uh-huh.

This explains Unity08’s own conduct just perfectly. You see, if you gather the 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter and 4th quarter 2006 reports of Unity08 to the IRS, you’ll find that Unity08 collected $78,691.00 in contributions of $200 or less, and $372,840.00 in contributions of more than $200. Do the math. By golly, Unity08 took 83% of its campaign cash from contributors giving more than $200.

So here’s the new Unity08 slogan:

Vote Unity08!
Their Money is 86% from Big Donors!
Our Money is 83% from Big Donors!
God Bless America!

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