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Unity08 Death Watch: Now Refusing to Remove Delegates From the List

The folks — excuse me, the public relations executives — over at Unity08 sure do have a thing about control. After becoming disillusioned by Unity08, a delegate by the nickname of Kacz sent a message to the staff asking to be removed from the delegate rolls and to have his account purged. At first, Unity08 simply failed to respond. Then, when Kacz repeated the request, he received a one-sentence response.

It was your choice to post on the site. It is not our burden to tidy up after you.


In other words, no. They wouldn’t delete him from their woefully small delegate rolls. So Kacz did the only thing he could do: begin replacing the text of his posts with the following text:

Upon requesting that I be removed from Unity08’s delegate rolls and have my commentary removed so as tofully remove my support for this organization I received the following email from the Moderator. That it is impossible to remove oneself from this organization is a significant breach of internet etiquette which, sadly I cannot allow to continue.

Because they refused to delete his delegate account, Unity08 will now have to delete his messages one by one (something they’ve shown willingness to do before), or they’ll have to deal with the baggage of comments that clearly show unresolved discontent. This operation makes the Ross Perot campaign of 1992 look professional.

Oh, what sillies. I’m beginning to think of the Unity08 leadership as cute political plush toys. Or maybe it’s more like they’re Chia Politicians: just water them on your bookshelf and the grassroots will grow out of their own terra cotta heads.

I’m now more amused by Unity08 than anything else. How will it all finally end? What will they say? That the powers that be conspired against them? That their failure shows the system is rigged? Baloney! I mean, the system is rigged, but that’s not why Unity08 is going to fail, big time. It is going to fail because, although you can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the time the people are not fooled. There’s a probability per instance of stupid crap pulled that people will notice and react. That means if an outfit like Unity08 pulls stupid, elitist crap enough times, it doesn’t matter how many times they use the words “unity” and “take our country back,” and it doesn’t matter how high Sam Waterston wiggles his eyebrows. Sooner or later, it will stop working and people will start laughing or shouting.

5 thoughts on “Unity08 Death Watch: Now Refusing to Remove Delegates From the List”

  1. Ralph says:

    And wouldn’t you know it, they end up cleaning up after Kacz after all. No trace of him anywhere I can find in the Shoutbox. No trace of Jim Cook either.

    These guys should have retired. What they thought would be a swan song where they wielded their political savvy one last time has turned into a farce that demonstrates more than anything else just how comically out of touch they are with the internet, grass roots, and everything else that really drives politics today.

    I mean, if it were 1995 and they were saying, “Hey, let’s use the internet for politics,” they might have accomplished something. Unfortunately, these sluggish dinosaurs (hope you’re reading, by the way) moved way too late and way too clumsily.

    Kudos to REAL grass roots activists like Kacz and Jim, who ably demonstrated what these obsolete political elites can no longer get away with.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Kacz still has a couple of comments on the below thread, although you can’t get to the thread from the “shoutbox” anymore.

    but if you try to access either his blog or his wiki for u08 platform development you get the following message:
    Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)

    Yes, I saw two brief comments by Jim earlier today, about the meaning of the pesky “grassroots” and how at least they weren’t deleting his comments. (prophetic) Also two of Jim’s postings were rated as “top posts.” Even though the posts have been deleted, their ghosts are still haunting U08 as their titles are still listed as top posts in the shoutbox contents. It’s a shame that a “grassroots” organization deletes posts that the grassroots readers have voted as their favorites.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kacz’ ghost here too:

    here’s Jim’s profile:

    and some of Jim’s ghost comments here:

    of course if Jim wants U08 to do their own search for his comments, I wouldn’t be offended in the least if my comment here was edited….

  4. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    “…this national crusade to take our country back from extremist, life-threatening policies.” – Communist People’s Weekly World Newspaper (

    At the beginning of the same article, it says, “…coverage of the broad, people’s movement…”

    Unity08’s tagline, “a people’s movement to take our country back” really isn’t far off from the verbage that the Communist party uses. I think they may share some of the same ideas as well.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So you can’t quit Unity08.

    There used to be another organization you couldn’t quit, but I’m trying to remember the saying.

    You can’t quit the ma fatah, you can’t quit the coup d’etat, you can’t quit the LA Law, no, wait I’ll get can’t quit from in the raw, oh, drat, I’ll think of it…

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