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Unity08 Misses Its Disclosure Deadline

When an organization claims it will do something, you need to know whether you can trust that claim.

Across time, Unity08 has made a series of promises about when it would disclose the list of donors on its website (a limited disclosure that does not include all information on its reports filed with the IRS). From August 2006 through January 2007, it missed every one of its promised deadlines. At the end of February 2007 and at the end of March 2007, Unity08 met its deadline for updating website disclosures monthly. The end of April 2007 has now passed, and Unity08 has failed to update its list of donors on its website.

On a matter of relative ease involving the regular update of financial disclosures to a website, Unity08 can’t be trusted to perform as promised.

When Unity08 tells you it will successfully pull off the world’s first national secure online presidential nomination with 10 million participating delegates, do you trust that claim?

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