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CafePress Sells More Sweatshop Free Shirts

Good news for those who wanted to get through the heat of the summer looking good, feeling cool, without sweat: The tank tops sold by CafePress are made in the USA by American Apparel.

Earlier, I wrote that sweatshop-produced tank tops were replacing the ones at CafePress, made in the USA, but I was wrong. In fact, I got the story exactly in the reverse.

What CafePress has done is to introduce three new colors of tank tops, pink, yellow, and light blue, from American Apparel. The tank tops at our CafePress shops, like Irregular Goods, Vote Democrat 2008, and Sweat Free Shirts, will stay online.

What a relief. It turns out that I don’t have to spend today going through all our shops deleting the tank tops from our catalogs after all. On the contrary – this looks like a good opportunity to add some more tank top designs, and just in time for summer.

We made a commitment years ago to sell only shirts that are made without sweatshop labor. That means we don’t make as much money as we could, but we just don’t feel right about making money off of the exploited labor of other human beings. In the end, it’s all about working toward the world that we want. It’s not a sacrifice. It’s an investment.

Thanks to CafePress for seeing it our way, and expanding the variety of shirts available from American Apparel.

One thought on “CafePress Sells More Sweatshop Free Shirts”

  1. Stephen Liquori says:

    Great story. It is too bad some people don’t understand both sides of the coin.

    Visit and see all Made in USA product since 1983. And yes it is Made Sweatshop Free.


    Steve, Founder & CEO

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