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Make a Trade With Drop Spot

As I mentioned yesterday, today is World Fair Trade Day. So, go and find a Fair Trade Day event near you, and go participate. Engage in some fair trade at places like Ten Thousand Villages too.

But then, go engage in some non-fair trade. No, not unethical, abusive trade. What I mean to suggest is that you go engage in some one way trading. Give something away.

Make it little. Make it meaningful, though. Then, drop it off.

Drop it off where? At your drop spot. Drop Spot is a neat idea that encourages people to engage in a playful open secrecy.

The idea is that you find a kind of spot in your neighborhood that’s out of the way in plain sight. You go there, and with a small waterproof container, leave a little gift of some sort – an interesting object or message.

Then, you go to the Drop Spot web site and register your drop spot, so that other people can find it in their search system. If you’ve got a web site, you might even publicize the free item at the drop spot, and see which of your readers can go and find the spot first.

Then, the people who pick up the item at the drop spot can leave their own free little gift there, along with a message, for the next person to find. The idea is that there’s always something to find at the drop spot, but what that object is changes every time someone visits it.

Think of it as an anonymous, semi-public small gift exchange. Think of it as playing spy versus spy (as the drop spot technique originates from the world of espionage). Above all, have fun with it.

Go play.

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