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Collective Help With Recycling and Reuse

One of the most important things that we can do to fight global warming is to make our consumption habits less wasteful. If we get more use out of the things we buy, then fewer things need to be produced for us to use. That means a lot less power needs to be spent in the process of manufacturing and gathering resources for manufacturing. Plus, we’ll save a good amount of money, so while the corporations might suffer, our personal household economies will benefit dramatically.

It’s easy to figure out ways to recycle and reuse some kinds of items. Metal cans go in the recycling bin. We can buy recycled paper, and then print on both sides of it before giving it to our children to use in their own art projects.

With other things, opportunities for recycling and reuse are not so apparent. What about padded envelopes, for instance, or inflatable toys gone flat, or the little boxes that dispense dental floss?

Over in the United Kingdom, people are coming together at a site called Recycle This to share opportunities for recycling and reuse of odd objects like these. Of course, you don’t need to be a Brit for these ideas to work. Although recycling programs are different everywhere you go, waste is a problem we all share.

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