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John Edwards Asks for Memorial Day Antiwar Activism

John Edwards is calling on Americans to do more than just feel sore about the war in Iraq. The Democratic presidential candidate is asking Americans to do something to help stop the war. To that end, the John Edwards campaign has launched a web site, Support the Troops End The War, which calls upon Americans to engage in antiwar activism on Memorial Day this year.

That’s a good thing for a presidential candidate to do. We shouldn’t expect politicians to do all the work for us, after all.

We ought to remember, though, that if it were not for the pro-war votes of senators like John Edwards back in 2002, we wouldn’t be in this pickle to start with. Also, it’s worth noting that the John Edwards for President campaign is using the antiwar web site as a way to gather names for its campaign database, so the motives behind it are not exactly pure.

Some of the actions that the Edwards campaign suggests as antiwar activism, such as praying, don’t have a great record of success either. We’ve seen quite clearly that thinking peace does not bring peace.

Still, we cannot afford to leave antiwar activism to the few pure peaceful citizens who had it right from the beginning. America needs everyone it can muster to engage in activism for peace.

For adding to that effort in his own little way, John Edwards deserves thanks.

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