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Unity08 Muffs Another Pesky Detail

You know, when it comes to running a nominating election for the world’s most powerful position — President of the United States — an organization has to create the confidence that it is actually capable of pulling such a feat off. When an organization like Unity08 says it’s going to accomplish what no other person or organization has ever accomplished before — the accurate and secure online election of a presidential nominee for a nation of 300 million people — it really has to demonstrate that it can handle the little details first. Otherwise, how can people have any trust that the presidential nomination isn’t rigged, or just plain muffed?

A test of Unity08’s attention to detail was brought to my attention a few days ago, when “Concerned About Unity08” mentioned that Unity08 had committed to closing the comment period on the Draft Rules for its presidential nomination. No more comments after May 15, 2007, Unity08 said: “The comment period will end on May 15, 2007.”

I decided to give Unity08 a couple of days of leeway, and then see for myself whether they would follow through on this detail of theirs.

The result? Well, you can read my comment on the Draft Rules for yourself. I posted it to the completely open Draft Rules comments section on May 15 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. It reads:

Here’s one qualification for delegates: they must be detail-oriented. This is essential, since the people who run Unity08 have not been very detail-oriented at all. For instance, Unity08 indicated that comments regarding its Draft Rules would be closed as of May 15, 2007. Yet here I am, two days later, adding a comment of my own.

So yes, for the good of Unity08, delegates must be detail-oriented. After all, SOMEBODY’S got to handle the intricate, detail-oriented business of running the world’s first national online secure presidential nomination with some modicum of accuracy.

Details, schmeetails. Elections, schmelections. Votes, schmotes. Democracy, Schmemocracy. President, schmesident. Leader of the free world, leader of the schmee world. Finger on the nuclear trigger. Finger on the schmuklear trigger. Blah, blah, blah. Whatever, whatever, whatever.

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