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Unity08 American Agenda Pledge Continues Its Fizzle

Unity08 is a registered corporation which will nominate its own candidates for president and vice president in the summer of 2008. At least that’s what it says it’s going to do. Will its claims match reality? No one can be sure, but we can check Unity08’s record of delivering on promises for a pretty good indication.

In the fall of 2006, Unity08 declared that a new website called American Agenda (at the web address of would be publicly released in December of 2006 or January of 2007 in order to permit the American people to help draft a Unity08 platform.

What’s actually happened? Back in February, the promised website was hawking janitorial supplies. By March, had moved on to selling lawsuits about peanut butter. Halfway through April, Unity08’s American Agenda website is promoting online college degrees. And now, halfway through May, Unity08’s the American Agenda has returned to peanut butter lawsuits but also features claims about a “natural remedy” for “painful chronic fatigue.”

I suppose that janitorial supplies, peanut butter lawsuits, online college degrees and natural remedies for chronic fatigue syndrome could be construed as part of an American Agenda, but I don’t think these four platform planks turn up on most Americans’ list of priorities. When Unity08 comes a-calling for your donation, promising you the moon and a historic sea change in politics all by next summer if you’ll just write a check, keep this failed promise in mind.

But wait… there’s more! Did you know that Unity08 founder Douglas L. Bailey has made an additional promise? Not only will Unity08 launch its American Agenda website in December of 2006 or January of 2007 (whoopsie), but now there will be another shiny website, too! On February 14, 2007, Bailey promised the following in response to a question he actually wrote to himself:

Question: You mentioned Convention Hall? What is that?

Answer: This Spring we will give every Delegate a passcode to enter Convention Hall online, where they will participate in delegate polls, set up their own issue or candidate caucuses, and view the materials of candidates or draft movements seeking their support.

Now, technically, it’s still spring. Summer doesn’t begin until June 21, 2007. That’s thirty-five days. Do you think Bailey and Unity08 will pull it off?

3 thoughts on “Unity08 American Agenda Pledge Continues Its Fizzle”

  1. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    Wow. Look at this –;_ylt=AnfMkFec7umtR73bhGId0ewjzKIX?qid=20070516144437AAXeV90. In just 23 hours, 5482 people have replied to Waterston’s question. This is the biggest show of grassroots yet. Of course, much of this traffic is from Yahoo! and not Unity08 – so most probably won’t get involved with Unity08. Still, that’s an impressive number.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The question has been deleted. Did it say anything interesting or was the interesting part the number of responses?

  3. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    The interesting part was the number of responses. I don’t think I can link to it directly. Go to and click where it says, “Click here to provide your answer on Yahoo! Answers.”

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