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With Actual Grassroots Strategy, Unity08 Recruitment Rises

To this point, Unity08 has adopted a media-centric strategy for meeting its stated goal of registering 10 million delegates by July 1, 2008 to participate in the world’s supposed first-ever online secure national presidential nomination. That’s just 407 days from now. Over time, Unity08’s recruitment has risen when its leadership appears on TV, and plummeted right back to low levels after its leadership steps off stage.

But beginning this week, Unity08 seems to actually be trying to adopt the grassroots strategy that is has to date used as just a pose. The Trailblazer strategy, announced in an e-mail to people signed up to Unity08, asks every current member to sign up ten more members, and to find two more people who agree to each sign up ten more. If that is actually done, then the number of delegates will expand by a factor of 30. It’s a rank-and-file-based approach that might work and might not work… but that’s no longer up to the Unity08 corporate leadership — it’s up to the everyone who chooses to lend a hand. From this point the success of Unity08 will be not only a mark of Unity08’s leadership connections to mass media outlets, but also a mark of the passion and dedication of its followers.

I’ve been following the recruitment rate of Unity08 since March 20 of this year, and I’ll keep following it as time goes on. As of today, the maximum Unity08 delegate count (assuming generously and incorrectly that a) all member numbers to the point of this maximum count are filled, and b) all new members are also delegates) is 38,831. What does that indicate for the recruitment rate? Here’s a chart showing the volatile experience of Unity08 recruitment over the past two months:

Unity08 Recruitment from March 20 to May 21, 2007

In words, since I’ve begun measuring Unity08 recruitment, this past week has been the most successful one yet. Is it an accident that this is also the week during which Unity08 has finally rolled out a grassroots recruitment program? And can this level of recruitment be sustained? Let’s wait another week and find out.

2 thoughts on “With Actual Grassroots Strategy, Unity08 Recruitment Rises”

  1. Anonymous says:

    from tomorrow’s Zogby column:

    If this is not enough, two other Republicans, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel, appear to be flirting with a joint independent run for the White House. A Bloomberg-Hagel/Hagel Bloomberg ticket has been the subject of press speculation following a recent luncheon the two men had. Hagel is a long-time critic of Bush’s foreign policy, and Bloomberg, a multibillionaire, is known to be a man of great ambition with the finances to back them up. An independent candidacy of the two would create enormous havoc not only for Republicans, but in the national contest as well.

  2. anonymous says:

    As if the Diebold phenomenon wasn’t reason enough to be cautious about U08, here is another danger of online voting. The Estonian government says that at least a million computers worldwide were taken over by Russian hackers in order to launch three waves of cyber-attacks that paralyzed Estonian websites:

    Estonia is one of the most wired countries in the world–people even vote on-line–but for the past three weeks the country has been under a massive cyber-attack that has disabled the websites of government ministries, political parties, newspapers, banks and private companies.

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