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Ten Days Later, Still No Response on Sweatshops from Democratic Underground

It’s now been ten days since I wrote a letter to Democratic Underground asking for Democratic Underground founder David Allen to explain the website’s simultaneous condemnation of sweatshop apparel by Republican political operatives and sale of questionably sourced apparel through CafePress.

I haven’t received a single word back. So now I’ve sent the letter on again, to multiple Democratic Underground addresses. They can’t say they haven’t seen the letter. I sincerely hope I receive a response soon.

If you’d like to write them your own note, here are the (already public) pertinent e-mail addresses for Democratic Underground:

General Email:
For All other Inquiries

David Allen
Forum username Skinner
Owner and Co-founder
Contact Skinner for questions about: Discussion forum, Donations to DU, General inquiries about DU

Dave Allsopp
Forum username EarlG
Co-founder and Front Page Editor
Contact EarlG for questions about: Writing an Article for the DU Homepage, Top 10 Conservative Idiots, General inquiries about DU

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