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PrideDepot Outperforms the Democratic Underground Economy

A quick word of thanks to the people over at PrideDEPOT this morning. PrideDEPOT is beginning the project of cleansing their CafePress catalog of shirts made by companies that use sweatshop labor in outsourced foreign factories. No only that, but the people behind PrideDEPOT have gotten in contact with CafePRess to express how important it is for them as CafePress shop owners to sell only shirts that have no sweatshop labor.

You can go to PrideDEPOT and be confident that they’re not just asking other people to do the right thing. They’re working hard to do the right thing themselves.

That’s more than we can say for Democratic Underground. That popular Democratic web site might better call itself Democratic Underground Economy for the way that it has continued to sell shirts made in sweatshops – even though they blast other businesses who do so. Democratic Underground has refused to respond to our communications about the sweatshop clothing they sell through CafePress. They know what they’re doing. They know that they’re being hypocrites on labor issues. Democratic Underground just doesn’t appear to give a damn.

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