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Tracking the 2008 Democratic Race: Stats for May 20-26, 2007

Since November of 2004, we have been tracking the strength of the different potential Democratic nominees for President in 2008 through a simple alternative measure: the number of bumper stickers, magnets, campaign buttons, posters and shirts that we sell in support for each of the Democratic contenders in the 2008 presidential race. Instead of the weak and changeable indicator of an opinion given over the telephone to a stranger, our own system for tracking candidates measures the kind of support that counts – whether Americans are willing to spend money to show their support for a particular candidate in a public way. That kind of strong commitment turns into donations, and later turns into votes. As the election season has gotten underway, we’ve updated our tracking of jockeying in the presidential horserace once a week. Below are results for two time periods: the week of May 20 – May 26, and the year 2007 so far.

The following is the percent share of sales of our Election 2008 gear in the past week, for each candidate who garnered at least a 1% share of sales:

Al Gore: 31.8% (last week: 15.4%)
Barack Obama: 26.0% (last week: 28.2%)
Bill Richardson: 24.1% (last week: 30.7%)
Hillary Clinton: 7.4% (last week: 12.4%)
Dennis Kucinich: 5.5% (last week: 3.5%)
John Edwards: 2.7% (last week: 3.5%)
Mike Gravel: 1.5% (last week: 1.9%)
Others: 1%

Christopher Dodd and Joseph Biden aren’t on the list. Although both have had the opportunity of many years in the U.S. Senate to burnish a national identity, neither is proving popular. That’s a pretty stable result, especially for Christopher Dodd. Senator Dodd may be frustrated by this week’s news coverage of the Iraq war vote, which prominently noted Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s “NO” votes, but failed to mention Dodd’s “NO” vote at all. Dodd may have tried to counter this yesterday by, somewhat oddly, calling out the press to criticize Clinton and Obama for not having cast their “NO” votes earlier during the Senate voting procedure.

Meanwhile, the 1.1% Mike Gravel — whose New Hampshire director visited here a couple of days ago to complain about the unfairness of his “media access” — released no press or other statement on his website about the issue in response. I can’t find any reference to statements by Gravel off-website on the subject of the war vote either. You know, media access isn’t going to be favorable unless media access is attempted. Is the Gravel campaign even trying?

Let’s look at changes so far this year among the more popular presidential candidates:

Committed Support for Democratic Presidential Candidates in Sticker, Shirt and Button Sales May 20-26, 2007

There’s some stability here, and some change. Stable decreases in the shares of sales going to Obama and Clinton — the previous double heavyweights of the campaign — continued this past week. People are finding alternatives. One of those, Al Gore, is enjoying what may be a temporary surge due to the release of his book, The Assault on Reason (I’m reading it and hope to have a review soon). And what’s happening with Bill Richardson? Last week, we might have said the movement toward him was a temporary response to his campaign announcement. But this week the trend continues.

Do you have any insight into this development? What’s drawing people to Bill Richardson that didn’t draw them before?

2 thoughts on “Tracking the 2008 Democratic Race: Stats for May 20-26, 2007”

  1. Keith Ray Elam says:

    Memorial Day

    There is a day that we all should remember,
    And it is the days from the past.
    Many will not remember it,
    Because their days will not last!
    We all seek to see the future,
    But one day it will pass.
    But to the One with the memories,
    It will always last.

    One too many have died for our freedom,
    One too many will die once more.
    But can we stop this ugly killing,
    That is taking our loved ones aboard offshore?
    We can all join together,
    And stop their ugly war.
    But they say we all must have freedom,
    So our loved ones must die at war!

    We try to be famous,
    But will we withstand another war once more?
    Because millions have died for trying,
    To save our Country offshore.
    We travel to a Foreign Country,
    To fight another war.
    But can we withstand the fighting,
    When we are only poor?

    I look outside my window,
    When I am living on another Foreign Land.
    I see no others dying,
    For there is no war on their Land.
    But the American’s keep on trying,
    To solve the problem’s they do not have!
    For their problem’s are with other Nation’s,
    Which the problem’s we should not have!

    But Memorial Day should be for the living,
    Instead of the one’s that have died from the past.
    But we all live in misery,
    Because we think of the past!
    This song is for the one’s that are not living,
    Because they died in a war of fear!
    How long can we keep on fighting?
    Until all of us are a memory in God’s head????

    Written on Monday, May 28th, 2007, Memorial Day.

    Drunk and stoned when I wrote this! What a lousy way to prevent me to think of the past, but for billions’ of other’s, they are just like me….

    Keith Ray Elam

  2. Iroquois Honky says:

    AA and NA (Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous) are in the phone book.

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