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New Video of Loch Ness Monster, Or Is It?

This is the great Loch Ness monster?

That’s what some people say. Easily impressed Whitly Strieber, who claims to have uncovered a conspiracy of space aliens to visit people in their bedrooms and spook them out, gives this video the following headline: “New Nessie Video Looks Like the Real Thing”.

You have a look for yourself.

nessie movie loch ness

From what I see, this could be a video of a dark log, or a piece of a boat, or a black tube pulled along by a boat elsewhere on the lake. Honestly, looking at this video, I can’t even tell if the thing is actually moving.

This isn’t the Loch Ness Monster so much as the Loch Ness Stain, or maybe the Loch Ness Flotsam.

The video was recorded by Gordon Holmes, a native of Yorkshire, UK.

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