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Climate Wars Have Already Begun

Right wing apologists for the wasteful, outdated fossil fuel economy accuse progressives of being alarmist about global warming. When progressives say that climate change will provoke warfare over dwindling resources, the right wingers say that it’s just a fantasy.

The truth is that warfare provoked by deprivation linked to climate change is not a fantasy about the future. It’s happening right now.

Jeffrey Sachs of the Earth Institute at Columbia University writes, “The severe decline in precipitation in the African Sahel during the past 30 years seems to be related to both anthropogenic warming and aerosol pollution. The violence in Darfur and Somalia is fundamentally related to food and water insecurity. Ivory Coast’s civil war stems, at least in part, from ethnic clashes after people fled the northern drylands of Burkina Faso for the coast.”

The climate-provoked violence that right wingers deny will ever happen is already a reality. Right wing ideology on the environment is so stuck in the past that it argues that the present will never take place in the future.

(Source: Scientific American, June 2007)

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