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A New Torture Awareness Month Web Site Coming

June is Torture Awareness Month. Back in May, I wrote an introduction to the idea of the month, linking both to a web site at and to Blogs Against Torture.

Today, now that it’s June, and we’re in the beginning of Torture Awareness Month, I see that the web site has lost its content and been replaced by a placeholder web site. What happened? It seems that the hosting of the anti-torture web site has been shut down, temporarily or permanently, either on purpose by the web site creators or by the hosting company because the fees haven’t been paid. I don’t know which it is.

Blogs Against Torture, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, and Never in Our Names are picking up quite a bit of the slack. Will there be, however, no Torture Awareness web site?

Into the breach! If the web site is down, they we’ll step up to take their place. We just registered the web site – look for the web site to be up in a day or two in order to direct people during Torture Awareness Month (and during the rest of the year) to anti-torture resources online.

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