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Progressives Protect Air Travel From Climate Storms

One of the problems in the public perception of global warming is that people have yet to make the connection between changes in the climate and changes in their own lives. Warming, as a concept, seems mild. If it gets warmer, after all, then can’t we just use more air conditioning to stay cool inside our houses?

A more attentive consideration of the relationship between weather and our lives reveals many more serious impacts from increasing global temperatures. Consider, for example, thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms and our transportation infrastructure don’t mix well. I was reminded of this last week, when I had to fly across the country on business, but was trapped by the weather.

Severe thunderstorms, with high winds and large hailstones, were a problem across the United States last week. Two of my flights were significantly delayed, and one was cancelled, due to these thunderstorms. There were so many travellers with cancelled flights that, by the time I tried to find a hotel room, they were all booked, and I had to try to sleep on the floor of the airport.

With continuing increases in global warming, we can expect to see a lot more people sleeping on the floor, trapped in airports overnight. More stormy weather, as is expected with continuing global warming, doesn’t mean just damage to structures on the ground. It means the grounding of air travel.

The airline industry is already proving unable to deal with the level of thunderstorms that exists at present. How great will the chaos in our travel infrastructure be with increased storms due to global warming?

In spite of decades of mounting evidence of a coming significant shift in climate, right wingers have counseled inaction. It’s been the progressives who have pushed for the kind of action that could have begun to reduce the impact of the climate crisis a long time ago.

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