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MegaDollar Military Fails Small Where Unity08 Aims Big

The corporate leaders of Unity08 say they aim to run their own first national secure online presidential nominating election on July 1, 2008. They haven’t raised even half a million dollars yet, money they say they will mainly spend on ballot access and recruiting people to vote in their election anyway (see page 37 of Douglas L. Bailey’s lawsuit deposition), not primarily on election infrastructure to ensure an accessible, hack-free vote by the ten million delegates Unity08 says it will achieve by July 1, 2008.

An indication of the likelihood that Unity08 will succeed comes this morning from the New York Times, which reports that the Department of Defense has spent $30 million in its drawn-out attempt over six years to build an online secure voting system for the five million American citizens living overseas. The result is a system that is slow, hard to use, and vulnerable to hackers. Only 63 people used the megamillion-dollar system to vote in the 2006 elections. That’s $476,190.48 per bug-ridden vote.

Meanwhile, we’re one year and two weeks out from the Unity08 Vote-O-Rama and the corporation hasn’t even picked a vendor for its as-yet fictional voting system.

Do I believe that Unity08 will actually be able to pull of a national, secure, online presidential nomination that’s accurate, easy to use, and free of hacks? No way.

Do I believe that Unity08 corporate leadership will ride high on the cash it sucks in from donations over the next year en route to its big crash and burn? Oh yes indeed. I certainly do.

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