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Confirmed: CafePress Assumes Apparel Branding Responsibilities

The folks over at T-Shirt Chat have confirmed what seemed apparent: that CafePress has entered into arrangements with apparel manufacturers to take responsibility for an independent brand of clothing.

Items with the CafePress branded tag now appear with the company’s distinct RN Number:

RN Number: 119933
Business Type: RETAILER
Address Line 1: 950 TOWER LANE
Address Line 2: SUITE 600
State Code: CA
Zip: 94404
Phone: 650-655 3000 Ext:
Fax: 650-655 3008
Product Line: APPAREL
Issued Date: 17-JUL-2006

According to Federal Trade Commission descriptions of the application of RN numbers, this means CafePress has taken another company’s shirts and rebranded them, or it has entered into direct arrangements with apparel manufacturers themselves. Regardless of which case is true, CafePress has taken an action which renders information about the original production conditions of its shirts obscure, and has assigned accountability for the shirts to itself. It is now CafePress’ ethical responsibility to disclose conditions of its branded shirts production. CafePress hasn’t done that. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to write to CafePress via or and ask them when the corporation will release the manufacturer information for the brand which it economically and ethically owns.

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